Python Programming

Python Programming

Operators in Python

In this blog, we will continue to learn operators in Python Programming.

Why Python Programming?

Because Python is easy to learn. It’s code structure is very simple while other programming languages have complex code structure(i.e, C++, Java, etc). It is the best programming language for a beginner to start to learn how to code. It is widely using in whole over the world. However, It is very demanding language in industry as It is used in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc.

Types of Operators in Python Programming

Operators are divided into following types in Python:

  • Arithmetic operators
  • Assignment operators
  • Comparison operators
  • Logical operators
  • Identity operators
  • Membership operators
  • Bitwise operators

So, We have learn about Arithmetic operators. However For more arithmetic operators, You can check out the official python website. So, Let’s have a look on Assignment operators

Assignment Operators in Python Programming

As we can predict by it’s name. It is used for assign the values to our variables.

  • “=” : It is an equal sign
a = 10
print("The given no. is ", a)


The given no. is 10

  • “+=” : It assigns value with add it’s own value with the integer given to right hand side
a = 10
print("The updated variable value is ", a)


The updated variable value is 15

Similarly, There are more operators. For example, “*=”, “-=”, “/=” etc.

Comparison Operators In Python Programming

As the name suggest, Comparison operators is used for comparing the values. For example, Equal(==), Not Equal(!=), Greater Than(>), Less Than(<), Greater Than Equal To(>=) etc. These operators always return a boolean value(i.e, 0 or 1).

Boolean values: If the condition is true, It returns True(1). However If The condition is false, It returns False(0).

a = 5
b = 10
c = 15







So, We have learned about some more operators, We would continue to learn about rest operators. Also, We will learn more about other types of operators too. So, Be updated on our websites, We will try our best to give a bright path to your career.

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