Quantitative aptitude CAT 2021 preparation

cat preparation
  1. In the ancient city of Portheus, the emperor has in-
    stalled an overhead tank that is filled by two pumps
    X and Y. X can fill the tank in 12 hours while y
    can fill the tank in 15 hours. There is a pipe Z which
    can empty the tank in 10 hours. Both the pumps are
    opened simultaneously. The supervisor of the tank,
    before going out on a work, asks his assistant to open
    Z when the tank is exactly 40% filled so that tank is
    exactly filled up by the time he is back. If he starts
    X and Y at exactly 11:00 AM and he comes back at
    A:B. Then find the value of A+ B.
  2. Due to a miscalculation by the assistant, he opens Z
    when the tank is one fourth filled. If the supervisor
    comes back as per the plan what percent of the tank
    is still empty?
  3. Three students A,B and C were working on a project.
    A is 40% more efficient than B, who is 40% more
    efficient than C. A takes 10 days less than B to
    complete the project. A starts the project and works
    for 10 days and then B takes over. B works on the
    project for the next 14 days and then stops the work,
    handing it over to C to complete it. In how many
    days, would C complete the remaining project?

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