Advance java Quiz

    Welcome to your Advance java Quiz

    What type Servlet Programming Language?
    What Stands JHAT for?
    Java is portable because it facilitates you to carry the Java bytecode to any platform. It doesn't require any implementation.
    In factory Pattern says what
    What Factory Method Pattern knows as
    What type represent java InetAddress
    what stands for NIC
    Which a Java tool used to send diagnostic commands to a specified JVM?
    Which a Java tool that can bundle multiple files into a single one and vice versa
    Which A command line tool that displays information in brief about the methods, constructors?
    Whuch A query language similar to SQL and used to query heap dumps?
    The javac converts program into
    Match the following.a) Java 1) is a tool for debugging java program
    b) Javah 2) is a tool for creating C-like header files
    c) Javap 3) runs java bytecode
    d) jdb 4) prints java code representation.
    What are Non-primitive data types?
    What Instance Variable ?
    What particular code value corresponds to different letters in the various language standards and The encodings for languages with large character sets have variable length?
    What stands for Unicode?