Basics about ML

    Welcome to your Basics about ML

    _______ is a disadvantage of decision trees?
    _______ is a part of machine learning that works with neural networks.
    Overfitting is a type of modelling error which results in the failure to predict future observations effectively or fit additional data in the existing model. Yes/No?
    ________ is used as an input to the machine learning model for training and prediction purposes.
    ______ is the scenario when the model fails to decipher the underlying trend in the input data.
    Which Language is Best for Machine Learning?
    The supervised learning problems can be grouped as ______
    The unsupervised learning problems can be grouped as _______.
    Automatic Speech Recognition systems find a wide variety of applications in the _________ domains.
    The term machine learning was coined by _________
    Machine Learning can automate many tasks, especially the ones that only humans can perform with their innate intelligence.
    Features of Machine Learning are______
    Which machine learning models are trained to make a series of decisions based on the rewards and feedback they receive for their actions?