C++ Programming Test

    Welcome to your C++ Programming Test

    1. The body of a C++ function is surrounded by _______ .
    2. Which of the following type casts will convert an Integer variable named 'amount' to a Double type?
    3. The loosest type of coupling is _______ ?
    4. Which of the following is a string literal constant?
    5. Which of the following, if any, are valid names for variables?
    6. You have assigned the address of variable 'Value' to the pointer P, Which statement will display the value stored in 'Value'?
    7. The void specifier is used if a function does not have return type.
    8. You must specify void in parameters if a function does not have any arguments.
    9. Type specifier is optional when declaring a function.
    10. A pointer to a block of memory is effectively same as an array.
    11 What is cfront?
    12. The following program fragment __________. #include using namespace std; int i = 10; int main() { int i = 20; { int i = 30; cout << i << ::i; } return 0; }
    13. Which of the following are procedural languages?
    14. For the below defined function abc, Which of the following function calls is/are illegal? (Assume h,g are declared as integers). void abc(int x=0, int y=0) { cout << x<< y; }
    15. The following C++ code results in : #include "iostream" void main(void) { cout << (int i=5) << (int j=6); }