Welcome to your HTML QUIZ

    What are tags used for?
    Which of the following is used increase the row height?
    The href attribute in the link tag specifies the?
    HTML documents are saved in?
    ASCII stands for______
    For frames in HTML, how do you specify the rest of the screen?
    What is mean by DTD ?
    Which element represents a control for generating a public-private key pair?
    How many generic fonts are available?
    In HTML Audio/Video DOM, __________ sets or returns whether the audio/video should be loaded when the page loads.
    what HTML Audio/Video DOM returns a TimeRanges object representing the buffered parts of the audio/video.
    Which of the following event does not take a MouseEvent argument in Map()?
    IN google map object will represent a Marker icon?
    what are not the benefit of cache application?