Java Methods

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    How to call constructor of superclass used in a subclass?
    What is the procedure for defining a method in a subclass that shares the same name and type signature as a method in its superclass?
    What is used to prevent Method overriding?
    How to call a constructor having no parameters of superclass?
    In Java, which of these is supported by method overriding?
    What is the procedure for defining two or more methods with the same name but different parameter declarations within the same class?
    Which can be overloaded?
    What is the procedure for defining a method in terms of itself, i.e. a method that refers to itself?
    A return type can be specified for a Constructor.
    In Java, constructors cannot be synchronized.
    “this” and “super” are used in a constructors.
    Class.getInstance will call the constructor.
    Which of these is true about constructor?
    Abstract class can have a constructor.
    Protected constructor is called using super() only.