Java Quiz 12 : Classes & Methods III

    Welcome to your Java Quiz 12 : Classes & Methods III

    1. What is the return type of Constructors?
    2. Which keyword is used by the method to refer to the object that invoked it?
    3. Which of the following is a method having same name as that of its class?
    4. Which operator is used by Java run time implementations to free the memory of an object when it is no longer needed?
    5. Which function is used to perform some action when the object is to be destroyed?
    6. Abstract class cannot have a constructor.
    7. What is true about protected constructor?
    8. What is not the use of “this” keyword in Java?
    9. What would be the behaviour if one parameterized constructor is explicitly defined?
    10. What would be behaviour if the constructor has a return type?
    11. What is true about private constructor?
    12. What would be the behaviour if this() and super() used in a method?
    13. What is false about constructor?
    14. What is true about Class.getInstance()?
    15. What is true about constructor?