Micro Processor Interface Quiz Part-3

    Welcome to your Micro Processor Interface Quiz Part-3

    A 16-bit processor mean/s ___
    8086 has 256 vectored interrupt.
    ___ means dividing memory into logical components.
    Register of 8086 contains _ active flags - _ conditional & _ control flags.Add description here!
    BSR Control Word affects one bit at a time.
    BSR affects the I/O mode.
    8259's control logic has two pins namely:
    The Intel 80286 had a __-bit address bus and was able to address up to __ MB of RAM .
    80826 operates on which modes?
    Which of below is/are task/s of 80286:
    ___ is the 1st processor to support the concept of Virtual Memory and Memory Management.
    This smaller segments or pages have been associated with data structure called a ___
    CR3 enables processor to translate___ into ___ by locating the page directory and page tables for the current task
    Select Operating Modes of 80386:
    Real-address mode is in effect after a signal on the ___ pin.