Welcome to your NumPy

    Fourier transform is contained in Numpy?
    Numpy contains which of the following?
    You will be able to plot graphics using matplotlib.
    Which of these includes a lot of scientific routines that run on top of NumPy?
    ipython provides an interactive Python shell.
    reshape is a method and resize is a function.
    Which function returns an argument with a different shape?
    NumPy provides a function similar to range that returns arrays rather than lists to create number sequences.
    n Numpy, dimensions are called _____ .
    Which one of the functions stacks one-dimensional arrays as columns into a two-dimensional array?
    The alias array is another name for ndarray.
    Which method generates a new array object based on the same data?
    ndarray.dataitemSize contains duplicate elements of array in buffer.
    ufuncs accepts output arguments.
    Which of the these returns a ONE array of the same shape and type as the given array?