Welcome to your Pandas

    What are Pandas' two main workhorses?
    How to import Pandas?
    Pandas are made up of statistics from moving windows.
    What components make up DataFrames?
    Which of the following functions can read the dataset from a large text file?
    Which among the following options can be used to create a DataFrame in Pandas?
    Panel is ____ -dimension labeled.
    DataFrame is general 2D labeled and _____ tabular structure
    Pandas is similar to which of the following libraries?
    Panel is a Series container, and DataFrame is a DataFrame object container.
    Which of the following is a well-known Python "statistics and econometrics library"?
    Spyder is capable of inspecting and displaying Pandas DataFrames.
    Which of the following is used in Python for machine learning?
    Seaborn is built on top of pandas and matplotlib to allow for simple data plotting.
    Pandas doesn't follow the NumPy convention of throwing an error when attempting to convert something to a bool.