Why Social Media Chatbots Are the Future of Communication

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Hello Guys! Today, we are going to discuss the topic “Why Social Media Chatbots Are the Future of Communication”. Chatbots are one of the interesting applications of Artificial Intelligence

In today’s modern era, social media is one of the trending technologies to discuss. Various milestones by legendary players reaches in bot technology and AI such as Facebook, Skype and KIK are in enumeration.

Evolution of bots

The evolution of chatbots and its absorption of more AI in the future has also become a topic nowadays. E-Commerce is achieving a huge beneficiary due to this bot technology. 

Chatbot- Influence in future 

Huge amounts of data generates due to the e-commerce platform. So, there is a need to use bot technology and cloud services. Hence, Amazon, flipkart, swiggy, zomato, etc. are using online shopping cart system. 

It helps identify a person’s choice of product and groceries online. Thus, this reduces the time and labour of women all over the world.

Social Media Chatbot- Influence in future 

Two tech giants, Facebook and Google, have a pit against each other on the basis of their ongoing developments. Hence, they have a competition in this area and the question of who will emerge as the best is raised.

Social Media Chatbot- Influence in future 

Do you know how Chatbots can be used on Social Media Platforms?

Years ago, social media platforms were only considered as stops for experimentation to evaluate the effectiveness of chatbots! Installing  and using them on these platforms has become an interesting option for marketers. Hence, it helps marketers to generate a more personal and one-on-one engagement with their users. 

Social Media Chatbots- Future of Communication

Nowadays, it has become quite simple to create Twitter, Facebook, snapchat bots to leverage businesses. It is used in healthcare systems as well. Practo is a famous and user-friendly app which gives prescriptions to patients according to their symptoms. It’s just like visiting an actual doctor, isn’t it? So, let’s take a closer look.

Chatbots- Uses & Applications

As many as one billion people use Facebook Messenger every month and thus, having a chatbot installed on this application is very common. According to a report, over 100,000 bots are being used on the FB Messenger. It applies for a lot of purposes, like recommending products, collecting information, processing orders, etc. 

Social Media Chatbots- Future of Communication

If audience is using this messenger, then creating a FB messenger chatbot is the thing for you. You can connect with potential customers, automate customer engagements and interactions, and do several more tasks.

Similarly, the Twitter chatbot is another platform where you can connect with your customer on a more generalized basis and recommend your products and services. 

By augmenting the human experience, starting simple, proactively greeting people, giving quick replies and better guidance as well as using emojis and personalizing the experience, it can take your social media bot strategy to another level.

Ways How Chatbots Dominating Social Media Platform

  1.  Chatbots make interactions with customers and clients hence, they help in customer services.
  2.  Bot technology helps in generating leads online.
  3.  It increases sales opportunities and marketing
  4.  Makes the process of content filtering & taking surveys easy in FAQs, reviews, comments, etc. according to customer’s needs.
  5. Lastly, it makes customers’ engagement on social media platforms intuitive.which helps in expanding our product reach

Chatbots- In Sales & Marketing

Sales & Businesses today are moving forward in many ways. Employees at all levels in an enterprise are using chatbots. Even women can work online and expand their e-commerce using this technology. 

Hence, due to its ever- increasing rise,it will have more and more influence in future. 

Social Media Chatbots- In Sales & Marketing

Chatbots, on the contrary, are accessing information, and thus real-time data is more scalable. 

Therefore, every digital marketer & social media marketer, supports chatbots as it helps them in staying ahead of the competition.