we should live in a society of love and humanity.

What is society?

Society – When the number of people live in a friendly environment and have mutual understanding then a society is formed. society’s structure can be define by, how it deal with education or awareness in the community? what are its major problem, challenges face by society; and how it work to overcome them.

  • A society is an organization.
  • A family is a unit of the society.
  • An individual/man is a unit of the family.
Ideal society can make the nation ideal


Man is a social animal, because every man is mutually depend on each other; and one cannot fulfill his needs and interest without society. When we talk about any the first thing is came in our mind is about its society. Therefore, on the basis of it also one can judge about its culture as well the development of the country. That’s why from best to worse; every element of society plays a major role for showcasing a country.

man is the unit of the society.

Every civilization has it’s own structure as well as culture. The structure and values of mankind also change according to the needs and circumstances.

But our mankind is facing a lot of evils of narrow casteism. The stigma of untouchability has exist even today. Position of women, Cases of child marriage, death feast, begging, drinking of liquor and drug addiction, dowry etc. and various such problems are still exist in the community. Basic structure of issues in our surrounding that is being carrying on is-our Society- education- problems- challenges, and measures taken to overcome them.

How education and democracy are helpful in the upliftment of Country?

Education means to instill values and groom future citizen as per the requirement of the mankind. Proper education can create awareness which can make the public progressive. An educated person is able to improve the structure of the society and also able to withstand against injustice happening in our surrounding. An educated person is capable of creating various opportunities for the welfare of the civilization as well as inspires the other people also. So definitely, an education can make huge difference in the society.

Education is the need of the society educated people will enjoy the democracy fully.

Democracy as the system of governance:-(Society)

Democracy is the system of governance. In this type of government all the adult citizen of the country has the right to vote and choose their representative who will further form the government. so due to this all the citizen took their own decision and can differentiate between right and wrong. But the success of democracy depends upon the participation of citizens in different spheres of activities happening in surrounding. Moreover, a citizen should be develop through education to make themselves aware and well informed. so in this way our civilization can run in a smooth manner. Meaningful participation for the better functioning of democratic government is possible only through the spread of education. weak democracy leads to our civilization educational problems growing. Also major harmful challenges can grow in the country. which will have weaken the country.

Therefore, education and democracy both are directly connected to each other and are very important for the development of country and; also a good mankind had a great impact on national as well as international level.

an educated mankind is better than being helpless help yourself instead of begging”

NOTE:- hope this article will you for better understanding of the topic. All the best!