How to start your coding journey?

As the graph of technology usage in our everyday life is witnessing an upward trend similarly, the need for programmers is increasing as well. Coding is a skill in which through regular practice it can be perfected. So here’s how you can start your programming or coding journey from scratch:-

Start your coding journey smoothly.

Get the software:
Keep a laptop or a computer handy. Preferably installer text editor in your computer which will also act as a compiler for your programs.

Choose a programming language:
Don’t waste much time deciding which language to pick up from. Initially, all the programmers struggle to find which language they should pick first. But the language you start learning doesn’t make a big difference when you study the particular topics as they can be shared with any language. So just go out there and start honing your programming skills.

Start with a project:
After getting to know the basics of a particular language pick up an introductory project that will help you shape up the skills and to get practical knowledge about the language.

Learn and Unlearn with others :
Join a coding community where you will get to meet a lot of like-minded people who will be willing to help you out at any given point in time. You will also get to learn from the programmer who is a novice at a particular language. Below are some links to the coding community in which you can join:

Be patient:
While programming you will face many challenges when you are a beginner to a particular language. But believe me, once you keep practicing codes and programs of date language you will automatically get used to it and eventually become an expert programmer.

There are many websites or videos on YouTube which teach you various programming languages for free or at a minimal cost. I have mentioned some of the links below so please do check:-