The Noun and its kinds

What is a Noun ?

A Noun is defined as the name of person, place , thing , material and even emotions or ideas .Here word thing includes all objects that we can see , hear , touch , taste or smell with our senses and anything which we can think of.

for example :

(a) Bhopal is a city of lakes .

(b) Mahatma Gandhi is the father of India.

(c)The candies are sweet .

(d) He play football.

Here , Bhopal , Mahatma Gandhi, candies , football are examples of Noun

Kinds of Nouns :

Nouns can be of five kinds :

Kinds of Nouns

1) Proper Noun :

The nouns which are names of specific persons , places or things are known as Proper Nouns.

for example :

(a) Maharana Pratap was a great king.

(b) Bhopal is a city of lakes.

(c) India is a democratic country.

(d) Siya is the second daughter of their parents.

Here , the noun Maharana Pratap refers to a specific king , therefore it is Proper Noun

Similarly , Bhopal, India , Siya are proper nouns.

Note : Proper means ones own. Hence a proper noun is person’s own name.

2) Common Noun :

The nouns which are defined in general terms , i.e., general names of places , persons or objects of the same class or kind are known as Common Nouns.

For example :

(a) Maharana Pratap was a great king.

(b) Bhopal is a city of lakes.

(c) India is a democratic country.

(d) Siya is the second daughter of their parents.

In the above examples The Noun Maharana Pratap refers to a particular king , whereas the Noun king can be applied to other king along with Maharana Pratap.

Therefore :

Maharana Pratap – proper noun

King – common noun

Similarly , City, Country, Daughter are examples of common nouns .

3) Collective Noun :

The nouns which are defined as a word used as the names of a collection or groups of persons, animals or things taken together forming a unit and spoken as one whole .

For example :

(a) A Gang of thieves.

(b)An Orchestra of Musicians.

(c) A bouquet of flowers.

(d) A crowd of people.

Here , Gang, orchestra , Bouquet , Crowd are the examples of collective nouns , which means ;

Gang – a group of people creating nuisance

Orchestra – a Collection of bands

Bouquet – a collection of flowers or decorative items.

Crowd – A group of people gathered without any particular purpose.

4)Abstract noun :

The Nouns which are defined as the names of quantities, qualities, ideas , emotions , Actions which are considered apart from the object to which it belongs .

The word Abstract means drawn off.

For example :

(a) Mohit is a handsome hunk.

(b) Sheela reward her daughter because of her honesty.

here , words handsome and honesty are examples of Abstract Nouns.

5) Material Noun:

A Noun which is defined as the name of materials or substances used in day to day life or for making something , is known as Material Noun.

For example:

(a) Bread is made up wheat flour.

(b) Steel is an alloy of copper.

Here wheat and copper are examples of Material Nouns.

On the basis of counting :Countable and Uncountable nouns –

1) Countable Nouns :

Countable Nouns or the Countables are the names of objects , people , etc , that we can count.

For example : Book , Pencil , Mango, Girl , etc.

2) Uncountable nouns :

Uncountable nouns or Uncountables are the names of things which we cannot count.

For example : Milk , Sugar , etc.

Note : There are nouns which can be Countable or uncountable depending upon the usage under context .

for example :

(a) The picture collage is made of glass ( uncountable)

(b) Please give me a glass of water .( Countable)

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