Types of Computer Software

types of computer software

There are six types of computer software.
Types of Computer Software
1. System software 2. Real-time software 3. Business software 4. Embedded software 5. Web-based software 6. Artificial intelligence software

1. System Software

  • The system software is a type of computer program that is design to provide a platform for other software.
  • System software refers to the files and programs that make up your computer’s operating system.
  • The system software is the interface between the hardware and user applications.
  • System software is used to run the computer’s basic functions so users can run higher-level application software to perform certain tasks.
  • Examples of system software include operating systems like macOS, Linux, Android, and Windows.

2. Real-time Software

  • The real-time software refers to programs that can perform their assigned duties and functions right when they are assigned to run their given processes.
  • Real-time software programs run automatically after they have their settings configured.
  • They also accommodate changes being done on them by the user in the present time.

3. Business Software

  • Business information processing is the largest single software application area.
  • In a broad sense, business software is an integrated software and has many components related to a particular field of the business.
  • Applications in this area restructure existing data in a way that facilitates business operations or management decision-making.

4. Embedded Software

  • The embedded software resides in read-only memory and is uses to control products and systems for the consumer and industrial markets.
  • Embedded softwre can perform very limited and esotric functions (e.g., keypad control for microwave oven) or provide significant function and control capability (e.g., digital functions in an automobile).

5. Web-based Software

  • Web-based software is software that runs on a server; while users connect to it using: an Internet browser.
  • User’s don’t have to install anything or download any software.
  • The web-based software are programmed using a client-server modeled structure.
  • E-mail, social networking sites, and online shops are some examples of web-based software.

6. Artificial intelligence Software

  • Artificial intelligence (AT) software is the software, which thinks and behaves like a human.
  • Al software makes use of non-numerical algorithms to solve complex problems that are not amenable to computation or straightforward analysis.
  • Expert systems, pattern recognition (image and voice), artificial neural networks, theorem proving, and game-playing are some of the examples of AI software.

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