UNIT-2-CFDL Boolean Algebra UNIT 2 NUMBER THEORY AND BOOLEAN ALGEBRA Number Theory and Boolean

For example, ORing of A, B, C is represented as A + B + C.

axiomatic definition of boolean algebra

 The postulates are basic axioms of the algebraic structure and need no proof.  The theorems must be proven from the postulates. Proofs of the theorems with one variable are presented next. At the right is listed the number of the postulate axiomatic definition of boolean algebra which justifies that particular step of the proof.  A Boolean expression is formed by sum of all minterms then it is called as sum of products or SOP.  Below table lists six theorems of Boolean algebra and four of its postulates.

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 The theorems and postulates listed are the most basic relationships in Boolean algebra. The variables used in this algebra https://1investing.in/ are also called as Boolean variables.  ORing of the variables is represented by a plus (+) sign between them.

axiomatic definition of boolean algebra