What is a Hybrid cloud?

Hybrid cloud

What is a Hybrid cloud:- It combines both public and private cloud for a single user and also it provides the IT resources based on the cost, flexibility

In which the corporate-run their applications and maintain server supported the workload by obtaining with this cloud and also the corporate chooses the optimal cloud for every workload. Hybrid cloud can exchange simultaneously between public and personal cloud supported the workloads


The main focus of this cloud performing companies on premises-data into private cloud infrastructure and converting the infrastructure to the public cloud hosting off-premises in the public cloud providers

Security and relevance:- private cloud provides the security for the sensitive data with the firewalls and also the public cloud provides the servers based on the less sensitive workload

Scalability:- use public and private cloud cloud-based storage resources to scale up quickly, automatically, and inexpensively in response to unplanned spikes in traffic without impacting private cloud workloads


Improved developer productivity in these it which improves the operation of IT resources and also enables development teams to develop once and deploy to all clouds.

Improved regulatory compliance and security: A unified platform lets an organization draw on best-of-breed cloud security and regulatory compliance technologies and implement security and compliance across all environments in a consistent way.


Reliability:- the reliability of the cloud depend on the financial capacity of the consumer

Information:- The data of the consumer or the company must travel through the different modes due to these they were having the less security and also we should spend more money on the security maintenance

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Hybrid cloud