What is a public cloud?

Public cloud
public cloud

what is a public cloud:- It may be a sort of cloud computing during which a third-party service provider makes computing resources—which can include anything from ready-to-use software applications. These resources could be accessible for free of charge, or access could be sold consistent with subscription-based or pay-per-usage pricing models.


Cost Effective:-It shares a large no of resources with large customers so it was inexpensive.

Reliability:- Since the It has a large number of customers it has a large no of servers so if one fails automatically it has a large no of servers.

Flexibility:- it can easily can combine with the public cloud which leads to the high security feature

Location Independence:- since it was public we can use these cloud with respect to place and location

Scalability:- As we were having a pool of users the scalability can be high because it can scaled up or down based on the requirements


Low security:- It has low security Because of the hosted off-site and also it will be sharing with the public so it doesn’t require a large security

Less Customizable:- it was so when compare with remaining cloud services

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