What is microservice? Its advantages and disadvantages?

Microservice architecture
Implementation of microservice

Microservices are method of developing and creating a software. It focus mainly on building function with good interface and operations. The microservice helps to built software quickly and effectively.

This service helps to communicate with clients and with each other using light-weight protocol. It develops a single application as set of small services.


In early stages, the applications contains code literally for everything for that application alone. But on later days its divides as modules to do specific works which increases re-usability of code.

Microservice are an architectural style, As result of that develops single as a set of small service. Each runs on its own process. Instead of monolithic app, we use microservice to do specific value.

Monolithic services are embedding all the modules and deploy on single device, because of this the developer needs to deploy entire to deploy after every update.

Microservice can be used as form of service-oriented architecture. It helps in increasing efficiency since its collection of small services than the complete whole service.

Microservice helps to deploy all the modules into respective servers so that if we need to change something, we don’t have to deploy everything again, instead the single module can be updates.


Microservices have an advantage of independence in deployment. So that maintenance of the particular server become so easy and accurate.

It also independently scalable. The main merit of this is to make any precise changes without affecting the functions of all modules. All the other module can be connected using REST API.

It typically have small codebase which make it easy to clean and reuse the particular piece of code in future development.


Communication among the servlet have complex structure. So the effectiveness the transferring the information be on trouble.

Application with lot of microservice, debugging become more difficult. So it become very hard to trace the log of service. The maintenance of service also become so difficult.

For microservice architecture, hosting service with security is very important. So the company has to have skilled team to manage the architecture to maintain the efficicency.