Future for programmers

Almost everything related to tech around us is built on coding.

Today in this tech world, programmers are one of the respectable and highest-paid jobs in the world. It is a field that is rapidly evolving and everything today associated with technology is related to programming.

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about AI which stands for artificial intelligence. Usually, there is a little bit of worry because of the AI, that it can code by itself and there will be no need for humans to code.

Firstly still, after so many years of automation, we have always seen an increasing demand for software programmers or developers. Yes there is automation involved and we can automate many such things through AI but have you ever wondered to built such AI, who all will be required?

So yes the answer is no one other than programmers. As AI becoming more powerful and powerful someone still needs to configure or program that AI. Things such as AI on machine learning may seem magical but without programmers they are nothing. Programmers have to continuously work on these machines – keep on improving them refining them and inventing new such things.

Not to say the advent of such technologies will require programmers or software engineers to work more efficiently and with a lot of dedication. It will take a long time to build such a complex and advanced AI which understands all the complexities around us and address the challenges.
So definitely in near future, AI will not replace programmers. So if you are planning to make a career in programming then definitely go for it!

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