What is web service? and how it is implemented?

Web service
Web service for faster access.

Web service is the concept of communicating among other device to access certain information. Its xml, https, json based web architecture. As a result of this details in website can transfer to clients.

Its based on XML transferring protocol. Its not tied to any operating system, system configurations. This systems includes objects, messages and documents for transfer. As a result, it increases its efficiency.

History of web service

The web has taken a lot of variant over a years. Mainly four various variant. They are:
1) web before 1990s
2) web services
3) sematic web services
4) Intelligent web

In web before 1990s, the web resources were mostly static, it helps for showing details of any personal or organization. In those times, the web transfer didn’t takes place.

After this new resolution in web industry happened, which is Web service. using web service, web transfer become to take small modules. Because of, this helps to take precise and accurate action using this method.

In other types, the information obtained in web using web services, analyze and end up having new resource. Especially not mostly its used. In near future it will be in action.

Components of web service

The basic components of it are:

WSDL stands for “Web Service Description Language”. Its one of the transfer protocols which the actually data from server is delivered to clients. As of result, highly easy for intruder to hack information.

SOAP stands for ” Simple Object Access Protocol “. Its a XML- based protocol which helps to transfer the web resource over HTTP. It has some specification which can be used for cross-platform too.

Its discovered as an intermediate language, Because of that application built on various programming languages can easily communicate with various device which is created in various language.

UDDI stands for ” Universal Description, Discovery and Integration “. Its an important transfer protocol. As a result of this the important widgets in daily App like climate news, share market.


It helps for faster communication among the device. Its independent of other services with high integrity. Its building blocks in which the small block of code will be reused often.

SOAP protocol is used in various place. Its not bounded by any programming language. Thereby it could communicate with any device with various language.

The main advantage of XML type data transferring is its not only transfer data, but also documents.