Why Python is so popular..

Python is a general-purpose programming language. Dutchman Guido van Rossum created python in 1991. Python is popular as it’s a great way to learn how to code.

There are plenty of suitable languages for beginners with enough resources online. Let see what so Popular about Python,

Python is so popular

Python work on different platforms like Windows, Mac and more. Python has similar syntax like English Language so it is beginner friendly. In Python you can perform certain task in less number of lines compared to other language like C++ and Java. Python uses interpreter that helps to run the code as soon as you write it, it is like we writing plain English text. Python make complex tasks way easier than other languages. It is more effective in fields like IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning which is the future of technology.

Beginner Friendly

If you’re newbie to coding or want to learn your first programming language then choose Python. It is easiest programming language as it reads and writes like plain English. In fact there are many schools that they are teaching python to kids to prior basic knowledge about coding. And there are domains like RGB lighting, IOT, Arduino boards that do make learning fun for kids.

Python community –

Python has huge global community with millions of software developers. The Python Community is one of the Healthy and Supportive community. Speaking of how easy it is to find help for your Python projects, you can most often rely on the massive global community for help and support. And since so many developers use Python, you can find solutions to a wide variety of problems quickly and easily.

Extensive Libraries –

Python libraries are to get things done faster. Libraries are collections of Python code you can use in your code perform certain task. If programs will repeat at least some of your code, libraries help you avoid repeating yourself. Libraries allows you to choose from a wide range of different modules according to what you need for your project.

Advantages of Python-

1. It can be used in both object-oriented and structured-programming models.

2. he language includes the standard basic data types but also includes items such as lists and dictionaries.

3. The language includes exception handling and supports automatic memory management.

4. There are thousands of learners of Python around world, so there is chance that question you may have someone else has already asked it before. So there is large availability of support.

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