AI – ML hackathon

AI - ML hackathon
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AI – ML hackathon

Tractor Supply’s “Life out Here”  AI – ML hackathon

Tractor Supply is proud to host our “Life out Here” AI/ML !

HackathonAn exciting 10-day virtual Hackathon that aims to bring great minds together to come up with game-changing new ideas.

Hence we can put into action in our nearly 2,000 locations.

Join us, this September, as we compete to come up with revolutionary ways of using AI/ML in retail.

Sep 16, 2021 10:00 PM PDTOnlineSep 27, 2021 09:59 PM PDT

Why Join AI – ML hackathon ?

  • To gain access to our slate of speakers from all areas of the AI/ML landscape
  • To interface with leadership at Tractor Supply.
  • Hence The opportunity to win one of nine exciting prizes
  • To earn hands on experience in AI and ML

Who Should Participate in ?

  • CS and IT Students
  • Also CS and IT Professionals
  • AI and ML Professionals
  • Additionally AI and ML Hobbyists


  • 17th September – Hackathon Starts
  • 27th September – Hackathon Submissions Close
  • 28th – 29th September – Judging Phase
  • 30th September – Awards Ceremony

Regarding IP

Tractor Supply Company will retain the IP on all projects submitted in the Life Out Here Hackathon.

Thus We are excited to implement the ideas that come out of this event.

Themes in AI – ML hackathon

1. Visual Analytics Based Inventory Replenishment

In this competition, participants will work to build a solution that utilizes AI/ML to automatically highlight and quantify the available space in stores and make necessary recommendations for inventory replenishment.

Data Provided:

  • Firstly, Pictures of a few stores side and back lots
  • As well Historic Sales of items
  • to sum up Historic and future weather data for the store locations
  • Approximate volume of the item

Challenges for the participants:

  • Compute the available space for the item
  • Also Predict the sales forecast based on historic sales and weather data
  • To sum up Assume zero weeks lead time and 2 weeks of supply
  • Additionally Recommend the order units

Prize: Xbox Series S for each member of the winning team 

2. Customer Interactions with Store Layout

Participants will work to build AI/ML that is capable of measuring the dwelling time of the customers in the Floor Section.

Data Provided:

  • For Above Video footage of an Aisle of a store with people movements

Challenge to the participants:

  • Firstly Compute Dwelling time of customers in Floor Sections
  • Also Assume Floor is divided into 8 sections

Prize: iPad Mini for each member of the winning team

3. Prediction Model for Distribution Center Receiving Forecast

participants will use AI/ML to predict the number of trailers and the item units expected to be received at distribution centers.

Data Provided:

  • Inbound Trailers received by Week by DC
  • Received units by category by week by DC
  • Sales Units by category by week by DC

Challenges to the participants:

  • Moreover Predict number of inbound trailers and units will be received by the week by DC

Prize: Google Pixel Buds for each member of the winning team

4. Mobile App Based Lawn/Garden Area/Perimeter Measurement

To sum up here, build AI/ML mobile app solutions to measure area/perimeter around lawn/garden to facilitate ordering mulch, seed, fence, etc.

Data Provided:

  • No TSC data needed

Challenge to the Participants:

  • Find ways to measure area and distance through a mobile app.

Prize: $300 (USD) Prepaid Gift Card for each member of the winning team

5. Product Recommendations

Firstly, participants will work to build AI/ML that learns how customers and potential customers browse online and recommend products on the homepage and search pages for the best customer experience

Data Provided:

  • Items clicked then Put on a cart then Purchased and then Weather data.

Challenge to the participants:

  • to illustrate, Build product recommendation engine to show the relevant products on the home page and search pages based on location and local weather and customer’s historic purchase patterns
  • Further Product search to be limited to numeric product numbers.
  • So Text analytics around product description is out of scope as the product description will not be provided

Prize: AirPod Pros for each member of the winning team

6. Pricing Optimization

Build AI/ML that can learn how TSC and other companies price their items and recommend optimal price change schedule

Data Provided:

  • Firstly Price change data
  • Secondly Sales data
  • Then Competitors price data

Challenge to the participants:

  • There Recommend price change schedules for highest gross margin dollars

Prize: iPad Mini for each member of the winning team

7. Loss Prevention Optimization

Firstly build AI/ML solutions that identify online sites selling stolen items from TSC and automatically notifies TSC’s Loss Prevention team

Data Provided:

  • Tractor Supply Stores list with Address
  • Also List of high fraud most commonly stolen items with product description


  • Build a bot to identify social media selling platforms where TSC high ticket items are sold.
  • Also Need output from Hackers – Site, Seller, Product Information, Seller Location / City, Seller Store name, Seller relative product sales history

Prize: Oculus Quest 2 for each member of the winning team

8. Product Data Enrichment

Build an AI/ML solution that utilizes web scraping and recommends enriched product data.

Data Provided:

  • Tractor Supply provide a list of products with current product details

Challenge to the participants:

  • Firstly Build a bot to browse the website and collect product information and recommend changes to the attributes like dimensions and Hazmat categorization etc.

Prize: Go Pro for each member of the winning team

Prizes in AI – ML hackathon

Main Prizes

Grand PrizeUSD 1,000 per team member

To conclude, Our judging panels will select a winner for each theme.

Hence The team with the most innovative submission out of those eight winners will be awarded our grand prize of $1,000 per team member.

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