DNS in web

DNS stands for “Domain Name Service”. Its like a translator between user and internet. In internet, we use IP address to access the web pages.

But as we all know its nearly impossible for human to remember for all website. So DNS acts as translator, which maps url to ip address using DNS servers.

For example:
if you try to access the mechomotive.com website, you should type www.mechomotive.com in search bar. Then it goes to DNS server which translates it into[IP address] to web browser.

DNS is more like phonebook for website user and internet. It gives IP address for a website.

DNS Servers

Servers are the special kinds of servers which stores html, php files, audio, video files. It works together to get IP address of the particular websites.

There are four types of DNS servers. They are:
1. DNS recursive resolver/ DNS resolver
2. Root name server
3. Top level Domain/TLD server
4. Authoritative name server

DNS recursive resolver/DNS resolver

DNS-resolver is responsible for connecting the web browser to internet and to DNS server. It is usually provided by internet providers like jio, Airtel etc…

Root name server

It has 13 sets of root name. By default, its named as “letters.root-server.net”. where letters are from a-m. Its operated by 12 different organizations.

Top level domain

It stores all the information of websites with common extensions. For example, if we search for www.mechomotive,com, it will go for server which stores .com websites.

Authoritative name server

Its a final part of DNS. Its the actual server where the IP address of web is stored.

How DNS works

Initially, when a website is searched on search bar on web browser. It tries to fetch the IP address from computer’s OS which suppose to store the IP address of particular site.

If the IP address isn’t found, then DNS resolver directs the request to Top level domain server. It can fetch the IP address for the extension part of website to computer.

By having the IP address of extension, the computer tries to get the complete IP address of the site by Authoritative name server in which the information about it is given by Top level domain.