HackeRam will bring a new and refreshing theme to the table to attract a larger and more diverse set of students. This coming October, we’ve decided not to pursue a focus on the theme, so that participants can create a more variety of projects and build a diverse community.

Oct 8 – 10, 2021

$18,260 in prizes253 participants


$18,260 in prizes

 First Place

– Canon Ivy Mini Photo Printer / Fire 7 tablet
– Lifetime Upgrade w/ Taskade
– HoverRobotix Coupons: Rs 10000/- each
– Xyz domain (4)
– Egghead Pro Subscription Access

 Second Place

– Turtle Beach Headsets
– Lifetime Upgrade w/ Taskade
– Internship opportunities from MENTORx
– Egghead Pro Subscription Access

 Third Place

– Amazon Echo Dot
– Lifetime Upgrade w/ Taskade
– Machine Leanring Bootcamp @KODEE

 Best Beginners Hack

– ​Wireless Keyboard
– Xyz domain (4)
– Octocat Figurine
– AoPS $25 Coupon

 Best Business Pitch Idea

– Rocket Reusable Notebook
– Amazon Gift Card $25

 [Qoom] Best Web App Challenge

– 1-year Pro Plan package (one per team, $140 value)
– Feature on Qoom Project Gallery (https://www.qoom.io/projects)
– Xyz domain (4)

 Quick Hack Award

(1) Most Visually Appealing – Boba Plushies
(2) Most Useless – Fidget Spinner / Fidget Cube
(3) Most Functional – Firestick
(4) Most Innovative – Raspberry pi / Arduino

 Raffle Prizes

– 1-year w/Framer subscriptions (2)
– Egghead Pro Subscription Access (2)

 Free Hacker Swag (for all attendees)

– Printed Stickers and Branded Stickers
– Jetbrains → Free individual licenses to all JetBrains desktop tools
– Replit → 1 free month of our hacker plan
– Interview Cake → Free course access
– Balsamiq → 90-day extended trial for the Balsamiq Cloud


We have an open theme this year, so let your imagination run wild. Feel free to submit any project theme you want! 


  • Creativity/Originality
    How unique and innovative is the demo? Can it be found in previous submissions?
  • Business Value
    How useful is this demo based on the problem they are trying to solve? Is it marketable?
  • Technical Ability
    What type of technical challenges did the group deal with?
  • Design
    Is the project visually appealing? Does the project have a pleasant user experience?
  • Wow Factor
    Are you blown away by what you see?

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