Infosys Interview Experience – PP role

Infosys interview Problem Statement

Welcome learners,In this post Infosys Interview Experience PP role, you will get to know about my interview experience for power programmer role. You can refer to my previous post about preparation for Infosys interview .


HackWithInfy is a coding challenge organized by Infosys. It is for engineering students. Who ever scored above the cutoff mark will be selected for two roles based on the percentage.There are basically two roles ,one is PP role and the other is SES role. PP role (power programmer role ) is of package 8LPA , and SES Role is of 5LPA. This post is about Power programmer role interview experience.

Infosys Interview Experience

I completed 200% i.e. two questions completely out of 3. And I got selected for the interview for power programmer role which is of 8LPA. I got a mail regarding the interview date ,Time and link to join for the interview.

I joined 10 mins prior to the scheduled time. Interviewer joined at the specified time and started the meeting. At first he asked me to introduce myself. I began to say my name, college and my CGPA and ended up quickly by mentions two to three of my skills.

Next he asked me what is my department. As soon as I answered computer science, he started screen share which is having a problem statement. He gave me 45 minutes to solve the question. And I started reading the question, he posted test cases in the chat box and asked me to solve the question. I began to solve the problem statement given to me, and I completed it within 15 minutes and shown him my code and the result for the test cases. He checked my code and asked me to explain my approach. I explained it briefly to him and he moved to the questions next. I will write a new post for the question given and solution for the problem.


Next he asked me the following questions:

  • 1. Do you know OOP concepts
  • 2.Mention OOP concepts
  • 3. Elaborate each of the OOP concept
  • 4. What is abstract class and interface
  • 5. Do you know Which access specifiers are supported By interface
  • 6.what is difference between abstract class and interface.
  • 7.Write a query for creating employee table using given attributes.
  • 8.What is partitioning a table using a column
  • 9. Write a query to partition the employee table using the given column name.
  • 10.Basic questions on python and few code snippets
  • 11.what is inner join and outer join?

So guys do prepare well with Data Structures and algorithms. You can refer geeksforgeeks for preparation.