Processing is a free graphical library and integrated development environment built for the electronic arts, new media art, and visual design communities with the purpose of teaching non-programmers the fundamentals of computer programming in a visual context.

Processing uses the Java language, with additional simplifications such as additional classes and aliased mathematical functions and operations. It also provides a graphical user interface for simplifying the compilation and execution stage.

The Processing language and IDE have been the precursor to other projects including ArduinoWiring and p5.js.

Originally, Processing has the URL of, because the processing domain was create. Eventually Reas and Fry acquired the domain Although the name has a combination of letters and numbers, it was still pronounce processing. They do not prefer the environment for referred to as Proce55ing. Despite the domain name change, Processing still uses the term p5 sometimes as a shortened name (p5 specifically is used, not p55), for example p5.js is a reference to that.

In 2012 this Foundation was establishes and receives 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, supporting the community around the tools and ideas that started with this Project. The foundation encourages people around the world to meet annually in local events called Processing Community Day.

What is sketch?

A program is called a sketch. The idea is to make Java-style programming feel more like scripting, and adopt the process of scripting to quickly write code. Sketches are stored in the sketchbook, a folder that’s used as the default location for saving all of your projects.

How do I launch it?

Double-click it and drag the Processing icon to the Applications folder. If you’re using someone else’s machine and can’t modify the Applications folder, just drag the application to the desktop. Then double-click on this icon to start.

How do I install it?

  1. Select the version you want to download.
  2. Select the destination folder (where you want to save the file).
  3. Go to the destination folder or you desktop and double click “processing.exe”.
  4. Double click processing.exe to start this application.

What is this software?

Filters. Word this software is defined as a computer program that lets you type words or text which shows up in a virtual “document” on your computer screen which can, in turn, be printed or sent electronically. Microsoft Word is an example of word processing software.

How does this work?

Processing is a simple programming environment that was created to make it easier to develop visually oriented applications with an emphasis on animation and providing users with instant feedback through interaction. The developers wanted a means to “sketch” ideas in code.

How do I run a PDE file?

PDE files are to open and edit in the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (cross-platform) To open a PDE file in Arduino, select File → Open from the program’s menu bar. Because PDE files are plain text files, you can also open them in any text editor, including: Notepad++ (Windows).

How do I install Gctrl?

  1. Open Processing and open the downloaded . PDE file.
  2. Find out which number is your serial port.
  3. Comment the line String portname = null;
  4. Uncomment the line corresponding to your system and edit it to reflect your serial port info.

What is PDE document?

PDE stands for Processing Development Environment. PDE file is a source code file use in the said programming language. Processing is an open source programming language and integrate development environment that is primarily make to cater digital arts, new media art and visual presentations.

What is an .INO file?

An INO file is a software program create for use with Arduino, an open-source electronics prototyping platform. It contains source code written in the Arduino programming language. INO files are use to control Arduino circuit boards. INO file open in Atom.