Subject-Verb Agreement

subject verb agreement

What is a Subject?

The subject is simply the performer of the action.

What is the verb?

The verb is the action itself.

Subject-Verb Agreement: 

The subject of the sentence must agree with its verb.
“A singular subject should be followed by a singular verb and a plural subject should always have a plural verb with it”.Examples: In simple present tense: 

I walk. (  I  and you are treated as plural subjects and they are followed by a plural verb)
She walks on the pavement.
They sing a song – it is a correct sentence because subject (They) is in agreement with the verb (sing)They sings a song- it is an incorrect sentence because the subject is not in agreement with the verb.
She stays in my home. – it is a correct sentence.
They stays in my home. – it is an incorrect sentence.
They stay in my home. – it is a correct sentence.

Assessment 1: 

Correct the following sentences and spot the error, if any.

1. A block of commercial projects are coming up in Noida near our house.
2, The boss, along with his assistants are going on a foreign trip.
3. A series of plants have been growing along the path.
4. Concerti are the plural form of concerto.
5. Chemistry has never been exactly my cup of tea.

There are some Rules of Subject-Verb Agreement:

Rule 1: When a sentence has a subject made up of a group of words that are adjoined with the help of conjunction “and”, it is considered a plural subject and needs to be matched with a plural verb.Ex-Sheena and I are dancing together.Ravi and Mohan are studying.Neeta and Meet are good friends.Ram and Suraj are walking on the pavement.
The verb is “are”, instead of is. Is would be a singular verb for a singular subject.

Rule 2: Subject and verb may be separated by an accompanying phrase without changing the agreement.
Accompanying phrases: 

  • Along with 
  • Together with
  • as well as
  • in addition to
  • besides
  • accompanied by
Meera, along with her husband, are watching a movie. – This sentence is incorrect.Meera, along with her husband, is watching a movie. – This sentence is correct.
Ravi, accompanied by Mohan, were in the Mall. – This sentence is incorrect.Ravi, accompanied by Mohan, was in the Mall. – This sentence is correct