Uberposition: Superposition x Uber Hackathon

Uberposition: Superposition x Uber

Uberposition: Superposition x Uber Hackathon

Uberposition: Superposition x Uber Hackathon hosted by Superposition for high school & undergrad students. All experience levels welcome!

Uberposition: Superposition x Uber

Uber & Superposition, the Bay Area’s oldest & largest hackathon for female and A high school and college students, are excited to host . To bridge the gender gap in STEM, we aim to create a welcoming, environment for all women to explore a computer science and build their.

We’re going Join us in October for a technical and career-building, networking , and amazing prizes like iPads, keyboards, headsets, and more.

No coding experience is required. 

Attendees can submit a project to either a or business tracks. Beginners will have a to intro-level workshops. Exact workshops a TBD.


Stay tuned for a list of workshops held by a Uber employees

Uberposition: Superposition x Uber PRIZES

By competing in the hackathon, you have the of winning some amazing prizes! Exact prizes TBD.

Great prizes for the winners. At Uber, we take a pride in giving a developers the tools they need to build products that help people around the world discover and use our on-demand service.

plus a chance to work with one of the largest IT companies in the world!



We welcome all high school and college a students who identify as female or to in our hackathon! people of all gender are a to support our by mentoring, judging, or hosting a workshop.

Anyone is welcome to in this event. While coding is a huge plus, teams a will also need people with strong and ideas. Will there be You are to be in the Training.


Superposition is an international the gender gap in STEM. Our mission is to empower women in STEM by creating educational opportunities and a in which they can develop their passions. We started a off as the Bay Area’s largest all-women hackathon, with Uber.

This event is absolutely free to attend. Get ready for free a swag, food, and lots of fun!

We have

  • To a 110 chapters in 23 countries
  • 38 webinars with 3500+
  • 2 programs in with Uber
  • a women with 2550 in a 78 countries
  • V, our largest yet, with 500+
  • Reached 800,000+ in 47 states and 105 countries


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with the Forge Platform. For more such Hackathons and Coding Competitions be update on our website