What is Front-end development? Why it is important?

role of front-end

In a website building, Front-end plays a first and foremost role. As a result of good Front-end development, the website can reach more people and serve the purpose.

Front-end development

Whatever the client sees in the web browser termed as ” Front-end development”. The predominantly concentrates on designing , flow of content and simplicity of work.

Front-end development isn’t only about coding. It has to know the clients requirements, so that it needs surveys, discussion and further meetings with client.

Before the actually coding, we need to do designing which is UI/UX designing. Initially low fidelity model crafted and only if its approved by client then high fidelity model takes place.

For designing, the layout for the website supposed to made. The prototyping and buttons for the website also supposed to designed for layouts.

The languages used for front-end development include HTML, CSS, JS. The HTML helps for formatting the web page, while CSS made for designing the web page. JS helps to fix the behavior.

The importance of Front-end development

Optimizes navigation

Front-end development helps optimizes navigation on a website which makes easier for visitor to find what they are looking for on the site. It calls for a clean, well-structed and carefully planned layout.

Improves performance

If your loading speed is low, you can easily lose customers to other. The front-end maintenance requires site performances so that it could load faster.

Communicates business intent

Its maintenance can also helps to ensure that your website reflects the main purpose of your website. It helps to manipulate the graphics and design that will provide a welcoming experience to the visitor.

By displaying a quality content a user can get the accurate answer. All in all ,it prompts the visitor to bookmark your website and become your loyal customer,

Final notes

A perfect developer should understand the need and requirements of the customer and always achieve as much as possible in stipulated time. The design of site must related for the website cause. It should be easier for user to use.