AI: The Future Of Work & The Work Of The Future

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Hello Guys, today we are going to discuss the topic “AI: The Future Of Work & The Work Of The Future“. 

As we all know that Artificial Intelligence is having a great influence nowadays. It has an ever-increasing effect in industries, automotive, business & sales. But one should also know that it is also disruptive. As very coin has two sides, Artificial Intelligence has its own pros & cons. 

In Nick Bostrom’s book, he mentioned that Artificial Intelligence will become the future. Machines are becoming superintelligent today. He is also projecting a future in which robots take jobs from human workers & laborers. Thus, this will not only have disruption, but poor financial condition of workers. So it may have vast effects in future.

AI: The Future Of Work & The Work Of The Future

Thereby, it may prove beneficial as well. On the contrary, automation may create more jobs than it displaces in future. By offering new tools for entrepreneurs/businessmen, it may also create new lines of business, which will expand human vision.

A recent study from Redwood Software and Sapio Research proved on Artificial Intelligence. Participants in the 2017 study say that they believe that 60%of businesses can be automated in the next 5 years.

Why do we say that “AI: The Future Of Work & The Work Of The Future”

Gartner predicts that by 2020 AI will produce more jobs & employment than it displaces. Mortensen says that he’s having a look at their firm and 2/3 of the jobs didn’t exist a few years ago.

In addition to creating new jobs in future, Artificial Intelligence will also help people do their jobs better — a lot better. 

Due to some reasons, the optimistic view is likely the more realistic one. But as we know AI’s ability to transform work is far from preordained. The algorithms and data that we use in AI are becoming flawed. Hence, it don’t reflect the diverse society it’s meant to serve.

How AI Could Grow Jobs By Inventing New Ones, Empowering Existing Ones

While AI will probably displace some jobs, such displacement has occurred long before AI was having influence in industries. We’ve seen the diminishment of titles like travel agent, switchboard operator, and bowling alley pinsetter. Meanwhile, new titles like app developer, social media director, and data scientist are emerging.

AI: The Future Of Work & The Work Of The Future-


With the help of AI technology like chatbot, online shopping on amazon,, and stock market, finance, one can develop business easily. Growth of marketers & businessmen is due to ever-increasing growth in AI technology. Hence, various marketing strategies are developing in the present world.


Chatbots have recently emerged as a new communications system for brands and consumers. Hence, they are known as “trainers”. So, many companies are developing chatbots for providing better customer service. Trainers bring a human element to AI systems. While “explainers” will bridge the gap between the new systems and their human managers.
Explainers will perform “autopsies” when the machines make mistakes. They will resolve the errors and help to take steps to avoid similar mistakes in the future.


In addition to helping existing businesses, AI can create new jobs & businesses. Such new businesses include digital-based elder care or healthcare systems or apps. It may also include AI-based agriculture and AI-based monitoring of sales calls.

Changes we need to make in the present world

Looking at the present scenario, it seems that AI will takeover all the businesses and jobs of workers. A few companies are taking action now to train their workers. Hence, it will lead to the growth of nation and elimination of poverty. As research illustrates, AI may present itself as an alien force of disruption, but it’s actually a human invention that reflects its creator’s flaws and humanity. Cathy Bessant says that “The effect of AI on jobs is totally, absolutely within our control”.