AI the Game Changer!


Here are the top techs of Ai which changed the outlook of global market.

As we all know artificial intelligence is expanding and growing in every instance. Ai is literally taking over every sector and spreading over much possible industries.

Augmented reality

AR is an upgraded version of the actual real world made by the visual elements, sound or sensory stimulation based on AI technology. It can be defined as a system that incorporates three basic features- combination of real and virtual world, On time interaction and accurate 3D projection of both real and virtual objects.

AR is used in many sectors such as medical, business, education, tourism etc.

A well-known example for AR is ‘Snapchat‘.

Virtual Agents

A virtual agent is a AI based programmed software which provides assistance or guidance to humans. It is now a most widely used technology by most of the sectors in their customer service functions to automatically respond to the queries and problems of the customers.

A well-known example for VA is ‘Alexa’.

Industrial Internet of things

IIOT are the interconnected devices which are networked together with the mode of communication industrial applications based on AI, which includes management to manufacturing. IIOT helps to utilize the power of smart machines.

A well-known example for IIOT is ‘Tesla’.


Marketing Automation

MA is the software objective and technology designed for marketing departments to work more effectively and market on multiple online platforms automatically based on AI, there are many types of automations which include email, blog, web form, social media streams of automations.

A well-known example for MA is ‘HubSpot’.

Proactive Cyber Defence

Cyber defence is a mode of cybersecurity designed to oppose the attacks through cyber and cognitive domains. It is a much-needed defence operation to protect different online operations from offensive threats. It is now a complete AI based automated defensive technology to protect data and connections from malware.

A well-known example for ‘Darktrace’.

There are many more advanced technologies based on AI.

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