API Hacks 2.0

API Hacks 2.0: The objective is to build a digital footprint for student hackers and encourage them to integrate APIs within their solutions.

after the success of the first-ever API Hacks by Tech Phantoms, this Year’s Hackathon brings in a lot more to offer to the students.The hackathon aims to focus on increasing diversity in the field of programming and encouraging developers to focus on creating competent solutions.


Oct 15 – 16, 2021

Who can participate in API Hacks 2.0?

1.)Above legal age of majority in country of residence

2.)only INDIA


Submissions must have a product walkthrough/ demo video in under 4 mins.

  • Tools for Recording: OBS Studio, Zoom, and obviously a script
  • What is a demo video?
  • See one of the winning demos from MLH fellowship. here
  • NO Ricky Astley memes( Leads to Disqualification ) 
  • Script Example (This is just for reference.)
  • Introduction to Problem you solve.
  • Walkthrough the project.
  • The APIs you used.
  • Project Future Scope

All the team members should complete the Check In form, otherwise, the submission will lead to disqualification.

– Maximum team size allowed: 3

– Solo participants allowed

– Must have a Github account

– All members must join on discord.apihacks.co   for announcements

Team Members and Team Name

  You Must submit a Github repository Link.
   If you are having a project, which is private, please make sure, that you open it
   during the period of judging.

  [Optional] To build your digital footprint, create your own project Twitter account, 

  [Optional] You can even submit, your project at our hackermedia by mentioning one of our staff on discord.

PRIZES for winners of API Hacks 2.0:

₹ 29,582 in prizes

 1st Prize

API Hacks Swag Pack
₹ 3500
Open-Source Mentorship from Tech Phantoms
Premium Sponsor Products
$100 to the winning team.*
Community Box for the winners.*
1-month free SAWO Inaugurate Tier access.*
Winner will be getting a ₹4500 worth of Agora Swag Pack and Goodies.
Winner gets a ₹7416 Amazon Gift Card and a Symbl.ai Developer Swag Pack.*

* – Sponsored Track Prize

 2nd Prize

API Hacks Swag Pack
₹ 2800
Open Source Mentorship from Tech Phantoms
Premium Sponsor Products

 3rd Prize

API Hacks SWAG Pack
₹ 2100
Open Source Mentorship from Tech Phantoms
Premium Sponsor Products

 Best Use of SAWO Labs API

– 100$ to the winning team.
– Community Box for the winners.
– 1-month free Inaugurate Tier access
– Feature in our Blogs & Articles
– SAWO funds 100% of the Playstore / App
the store subscription fee for the best mobile
– SAWO funds 100% of the hosting fee for
the best web-apps
– For extra special products – Special
opportunity to pitch your hack to VCs and
Investors in SAWO’s Pitch day Hack
Winners MUST use the SAWO Labs API as
part of their project to be eligible for a reward.

 Best Use of Agora APIs

– Agora Tshirts and Swags for all the participants, who implement using Agora APIs
– Winner will be getting a ₹4500 worth of Swag Pack and Goodies.

 Best Use of Symbl.ai APIs

– Winner gets a ₹7416 Amazon Gift Card and a Developer Swag Pack.
– 11,124 worth of Credits to all the Participants.
– Developer Spotlight to those who build with symbl.ai and comes under qualified projects.


  • API Usage
    The project uses APIs in its implementation.
  • Technical Awesomeness
    How technically awesome the project is for the hackathon.
  • Impactfulness
    How impacting, the project is and whether it’s adding value.
  • Business Value
    Is this idea going to make money, or at least contribute to the solution that will?