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Snake Game with python

Create Amazing Snake Game using the help of python

Library Required for Snake Game Snake Game: #importing librariesimport turtleimport timeimport random #importing libraries import turtle import random import time #creating turtle screen screen = turtle.Screen() screen.title('DATAFLAIR-SNAKE GAME') screen.setup(width = 700, height = 700) screen.tracer(0) turtle.bgcolor('turquoise') ##creating...

Every Software Engineer Should Know These Things

Engineers are well-known for being multiskilled with the ability to do multitask. None the less, it is their job that demands these kind of...

HackerEarth 2021

HackerEarth - Latest Coding Competition Hackathons, Programming Challenges, And Coding Competitions HackerEarth is providing you to participate in latest Hackathons, programming challenges and coding...
StemWarrior Hacks

StemWarrior Hacks (Winter): eligibility, deadline and more

StemWarrior Hacks StemWarrior Hacks is an international, student-run, 501(c)(3) non-profit hackathon aiming to inspire young innovators and thinkers to pursue a career in the...
treasure hack

Treasure Hacks: opportunity to compete

Treasure Hacks Treasure Hacks will follow the typical formatting of online hackathons. Students in groups of up to four, are to come up with...
Tara Capital Quant Developer Hiring

Tara Capital-Quant Developer Hiring

Tara Capital-Quant Developer Hiring Tara Capital-Quant Developer Hiring ABOUT CHALLENGE Tara Capital is building its Algorithmic trading team focused on developing infrastructure and quantitative strategies. So The...
Dravya Python and ML/Deep-Learning Developer

Python and ML/Deep-Learning Developer

Python and ML/Deep-Learning Developer Dravya Python and ML/Deep Learning Developer ABOUT CHALLENGE Dravya is hiring for Python and ML/Deep Learning Developers for their amazing team located at Raipur, Chattisgarh base location. Opens at...
LocoNav Senior Software Engineer Hiring

LocoNav Senior Software-Engineer Hiring

LocoNav Senior Software-Engineer Hiring ABOUT CHALLENGE LocoNav Inc.'s vision is to democratize access to fleet technology for all commercial vehicles in emerging markets with a combination of Al-driven...
API Hacks 2.0

API Hacks 2.0: Deadline,eligibility,prizes and more

API Hacks 2.0 API Hacks 2.0: The objective is to build a digital footprint for student hackers and encourage them to integrate APIs within their...
Samsung Software Developer Hiring

SRIB Software Developer Hiring

SRIB Software Developer Hiring ABOUT CHALLENGE Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore (SRI-B)  Hence looking for Software Developers with excellent programming skills and hands-on with Design, Coding, Debugging and Testing to join...