Applications of Machine Learning :

Machine learning is also one of the hottest technology in todays words. we use machine learning in our daily life. With or without knowing. For example : google maps , google assistant etc. following are some real- world applications of machine learning.

1. Image Recognition :

This is one of the common application of machine learning. Image Recognition is used to identify objects, person, place, digital image etc. One of the most popular case use of image recognition and face detection is , automatic friend tagging suggestion in Facebook , Instagram etc.

Facebook provides automatic tagging suggestion. whenever we upload a photos on Facebook friends. Then we will get automatic tagging suggestion with name and the technology used behind this is machine learning’s face detection and recognition algorithm.

2. Speech Recognition :

All the currently available commercial speech recognition systems use machine learning in
one or the other form to train the system to recognize speech. For Example : SPHINX system learns speaker-specific strategies to recognizing the primitive
sounds and words from the observed speech signal.

3. Traffic prediction :

when we want to visit new place, we take help of Google Maps, which helps us to visit the place in shorten time and route and also predicts the traffic conditions.

There are two types of prediction :

1. Real Time Location : from the vehicle from Google map app and sensors.

2. Average Time has Taken : on past days at the same time.

4. Production Recommendations :

Now a days machine learning is used in various e-commerce and entertainment companies. For example: Amazon, Netflix etc. for product recommendation to user. Whenever we search some movies on Netflix , then we start getting advertisement of the same which we have browser and this is all because of ML.

5. Self-driving cars:

Self- driving cars are one of the most exciting application of machine learning. Here ML plays an important role in Self-driving cars. for example: Tesla which is one of the most popular car manufacturing company which is working on Self-driving car.

6. Email spam and Malware Filtering:

whenever we get mail it is filtered automatically and classified mails into Spam or Not Spam. Total percent of mails being correctly classified as
being “Spam” or “Not Spam”. Set of Mails with label “Spam”