ATSE 2021 Scholarship for Class 5-12 students

AglaSem has announced the next edition of the national level scholarship exam with prizes worth Rs 15 lakh.
Under ATSE 2021, a total of 800 scholarships will be awarded – top 100 students from each class (Photo: AglaSem)

AglaSem Talent Search Exam (ATSE) is a national-level talent search cum scholarship test. By participating in the test, students get to compete with their peers at a national level and grab scholarships that would help them further their education goals.

Aglasem Talent Search Examination (ATSE 2021) is a unique scholarship cum talent search exam, open for class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 students. The pioneer of online remote proctor scholarship tests, ATSE the gateway for young achievers to shine.

Under ATSE 2021, a total of 800 scholarships will be awarded — top 100 students from each class. Toppers from each class will be eligible for a scholarship prize worth Rs 50,000, a gold medal, and a Certificate of Excellence. Similarly, the second rankers in each class will get a cash prize of Rs. 20,000, silver medal, and Certificate of Excellence. The third rankers holders will get Rs. 10,000, bronze medal, and Certificate of Excellence. Likewise, there are prizes for successful rankers of all classes.

CBSE, ICSE, and several boards have already cancelled the board exams this year, and students in other classes have been widely passed without exams. While not having offline board exams was the right decision in the current situation, young achievers will not get the board exams as a platform to prove their mettle. In this situation, participating in talent search and scholarship exams can be a useful motivator.

ATSE 2021 registration is open at Students or their parents can easily apply online in a few steps.

Since its inception in the year 2019, ATSE has been held as a centreless exam. It is India’s first center-less talent search cum scholarship exam. ATSE 2021 will also be held in the same manner. Even in the pre-pandemic era, ATSE was held as an online proctor test. So far, three editions of ATSE have been held. The ATSE-2021 is the fourth edition.

Toppers of Previous Years ATSE exams with there positive feedbacks:

So far, thousands of students have benefited from the scholarship test. In the year 2019, ATSE was held for class 2 to 12 students. Then, in 2020, ATSE was conducted twice. Once it was held for law, engineering and medical students and the second time it was conducted for class 5 to 12 students.

  • “This exam gives a great opportunity to students for self-assessment and enables us to know our position all over India. It was a wonderful experience for me. The quality and standard of questions were amazing. I like such competitive exams; this encourages us to perform better. Thank you ATSE” – Mohit Shekher of class 8, AIR 1.
  • “Such examinations like ATSE allow us to know our grey area where we have to improve more. I took some time to solve the difficult questions. The time kept for the questions was perfect. Overall, it was a great experience for me to attend this competitive exam. My goal is to be consistent and maintain the first rank in the ATSE examination.” – Rishi Shekher of class 9, AIR 1.
  • “I am very happy to participate in ATSE 2020. I have secured AIR-13. The question pattern of exam was based on JEE Mains level so I am very glad to crack such exam. Thank you aglasme” – MD Shaquib, class, AIR 13, state rank 3.
  • “When I got the results and got AIR 2, I was really surprised. ATSE helped me to realize where I stand and has boosted my confidence for any future exam I give. Thank you…Team ATSE” – Kumar Anmol of class 6, AIR 2, state rank 1.
  • “Such type of exam increase confidence level of students at home during the Covid situation. I achieved a great experience for an online competitive exam first time in my life.” – ATSE topper Diganta Pramanik of class 5, AIR 34, state rank 6.
“During Corona pandemic ATSE’s proved that their exam pattern is designed very nicely. There is no need to worry about centre. My experience with ATSE is brilliant. After seeing my all India rank I am extremely motivated to do better in future ” said Saumay Pandey, ATSE aspirant.

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