computer networking
cloud computer networking plays an imp role in the networking part

AWS network and content delivery:-

The three fundamentals of networking are Amazon virtual private cloud, Amazon Route 53, and Amazon cloud front

in further blogs, we will be discussing deeply aws network and content delivery


it is required to connect

for networking, we need devices in which they should have subnets and

when connected to the routers and or switch in AWS networking and content delivery

There are many types of protocols we need to follow some sort of rules

known as protocols IP, CIDR,ETC.

when the open system inter connection model which is known as osi modelit is an model which is used to explain how data transerverse over the internet

in which it contains 7 layers they are 1.physical 2. Data link 3. network 4. transport 5.session 6. presentation 7. application

Amazon virtual private cloud :- Amazon virtual private cloud is a service that lets you to provisionally a logically isolated section. for the whole part of AWS networking and content delivery

in which you can launch your AWS resources. in these amazon vpc which gives you control .

the selection of IP range and also the creation of subnets configuration of route tables and network gateways

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