Cat strategy

The first thing you need to focus on is an analysis of your knowledge level in each of these seven parts. In each of the above areas, first analyse your level of knowledge/ability. In order to do so the typical question you should ask yourself is: For the next 100 questions I face in each of these areas, how many would I be able to handle comfortably?
Think of a number as an answer to this question for each of the six blocks.
Based on your answer, the following analysis would provide you a thumb rule which would tell you how much of a knowledge issue you have:

  1. 90+: You know pretty much every question type and variant in the area. You should focus your energies on other aspects
    rather than knowledge improvement in the area.
  2. 80+: Maybe you need to increase your exposure to questions a little bit; around 200–300 more questions in that area
    would be sufficient.
  3. 60-80+: You have a significant knowledge issue in the area. You might need to go back to the basics, but it is less likely
    to be a theory issue but more of an exposure to questions issue.
  4. <60: You need to work on both theory and exposure to questions..
  5. Know your ability
  6. THANK YOU!!
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