CodeAgon 2021

CodeAgon 2021

CodeAgon 2021

CodeAgon 2021 We are a motley crew of coders, bursting with tenacity, ambition and talent, brought together by a common goal to create class products and killer software that deliver business value. we carry the power to shape our own culture and mission.

Making happen is a full-time job for us; even a lifetime obsession for some. Every new batch of joinees at TI brings with it a fresh infusion of ideas and enthusiasm that the entire organization. Every individual shoulders the task of making TI the best innovation factory in the world.

We are constantly working on meaningful projects that are interesting and challenging. The products that are effective, powerful and solve some of the most pressing problems in the most good manner.

Ends at – 26 SEP 2021 11:00 PM IST

Duration – 4 hours


It is Time To Show OFF Hacking Skills. To Start with.

You have always known that you are good at Code. You have always looked for the Bigger Challenge, that greater Playing field. You’ve always wanted to Pit against the Best. It is time to show everyone else and hack the hackers. 

Trilogy Innovations ( formerly known as CodeNation Innovation Labs)  is conducting a nationwide Coding Challenge, CodeAgon! You’ll be solving about 6 challenges focused around Algorithms and Data Structures with the contest duration 4 hours. 

You get a chance to win prizes worth over 2 lakhs and a chance to interview with TI for the position of Software Development Engineer for 2022 students and Summer Internship for 2023 students.

Eligibility for CodeAgon

  • This CodeSprint is open to all for participation. To be eligible for prizes and job opportunities at TI, users must reside in India and be a fresher BTech, BE, MTech, ME, MCA, MS.
  • Earning these prizes isn’t going to be easy. You’ll first have to take up the CodeAgon challenge and face off against thousands of other developers who are taking up this challenge!

CodeAgon 2021 Rules and Scoring

  • This is an individual participation competition
  • Please refrain from discussing during the competition
  • Any case of code copy will disqualify both users from the competition
  • Current TI employees are not eligible for prizes
  • Please expect 6-8 weeks post competition to receive your prizes
  • Please expect 6-8 weeks for interview schedule
  • Each challenge has a score
  • Each submission for each problem will be scored based on the number of test cases it passes
  • A participant’s total score is the sum of the scores earned for each problem attempted.

CodeAgon 2021 PRIZES

1 Lakh cash + TI Merchandise

50,000 Cash + TI Merchandise

25,000 Cash + TI Merchandise
....and more cash prizes and merchandise up to 20th rank.

Full-Time : Software Development Engineer

The one team, which can solve any problems that come their way and also share a great sense. It's the US Navy Seals. Trilogy University is modeled from the 'US Navy Seal Training Program'. TU focuses on creating an  environment with optimal conditions for a fresh graduate to have accelerated learning at a fast pace and become a problem solver at the end of 3 months.

This is a one-of its-kind training meant to transform our student into tech professionals. The fresher's turn to seasoned techies who can solve any problem that come their way. That's the pace of this bootcamp, exponential learning and accelerate learning curve. 

Built up through these 3 months lasts forever. Naturally, the 3 months are highly with both work and fun. It is here that the culture gets. It is here that we kick our company's community into gear. These 3 months are regarded as the best time of the career.

After TU, all the projects are assessed and if there are product ideas of TU that pass all the tests- the team gets to further works on the idea. Others pass TU and work on the existing products at TI.

 36.5 Lakhs (Base: 30LPA +1L Joining Bonus +1L TU Graduation bonus + 2L Other Benefits  + upto 2.5L  base Annual Target Bonus)
Location : Remote/Bangalore


The 2 month internship programme in Bangalore is a snapshot of the challenging work at TI, that an intern has an opportunity to work on when he/she joins the jTU programme. Like our TU program , jTU  is a 2 month programme based on the ideals and principles of the TU programme. The internship 

- provides intern an opportunity to work on live projects, ideate for new product features that can exponentially solve problems 

- Suggest technical solutions that will help solve these problems. 

- Create and deliver these solutions, so that it generates immense value

Iit gives interns autonomy to work on the projects ,an opportunity to make decisions regarding structure, optimization and control flow. The thinking is driven precisely in the direction of innovation and creativity where the intern goes through a tedious process of research and guidance to come up with the possibility of software products that can be developed and marketed to our end customers. 

The programme is designed to challenge the thinking of a fresher and give him greater insights into the corporate world of software development and see the impact of what their work means to the organization. This is followed by fun company sponsored outings and activities to inculcate healthy work life balance thinking. Interns work out of Bangalore and receive a stipend of Rs.150,000 along with other benefits.

Stipend: Rs 150,000 per month
Projects: Live projects where you can see the impact of what you create in these 2 months.
Location : Remote/Bangalore

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