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AI Hackathon by ACCENTURE

STARTS ON: Jun 01,2021 06:00 PM IST

ENDS ON: JUN 11,2021 11:55 PM IST


As computing (AI) becomes progressively interlinking into the material of our lives—from Alexa providing a daily prognosis to applying machine learning to higher diagnose and treat diseases—there may be a growing appetence to harness its power permanently. computing is all over, growing in its reach throughout society.

As AI continues to quickly evolve, it’s changing into a partner among folks, with unexampled access and impact on the ways that folks work and live. At Accenture, we’ve embraced the potential of AI and alternative rising technologies to deal with social group challenges.

Take a glance at a number of our case studies:

Exposing human trafficking networks with AI: Greek deity is that the world’s initial human trafficking content classifier – designed with AI. Read more.
Powering reef restoration with AI: Accenture teamed up with trade partners to develop Associate in Nursing innovative resolution for restoring reefs


The theme of the hackathon is “Responsible impact with AI, to form the globe an improved place”. we’d like you to dive into the depths of AI and develop tools, apps, bots and different advanced solutions. it’ll would like analysis and your contribution to develop innovative solutions. we tend to additionally would like your decision-making skills and a speedy approach to bring price in shortest attainable time. you’ll participate as a private or kind a team of 1-5 members. Shortlisted groups also will get an opportunity to urge mentored by Accenture SMEs and facilitate the groups inure the grand finale. Join this event from where you’re, associated regardless of whether or not you’re a student or an veteran operating skilled. this is often your chance to contend with best minds and realise some cool prizes

Note that you are also required to fill in the submission template with your solution.

Are you ready to dive into this ocean of data?


This contest is open to all the students from all the engineering colleges/business schools based in India and all working professionals (except Accenture & HackerEarth employees) in India above the age of 18 (eighteen) years at the time of registration.


Mobilizing crowdfunds


For an online crowdfunding platform, the aim is to extend financial services to the poor and financially excluded people around the world. In order to set investment priorities, to help inform lenders, and understand their target communities, the knowledge of each borrower’s level of poverty is critical. However, this requires deriving inferences based on a limited set of information for each borrower. 


  1. Design and build platforms, apps, or a dashboard that showcases useful insights through interactive features. Here are sample ideas to enable your approach:
    • Estimate the poverty levels of residents in the regions where the support can be lent.
    • Seamlessly connect the needy to their potential donors.
    • Allow users to raise monetary funds on the portal.
  2. Add innovative and useful features similar, but not limited to, the following:
    • Reward investors to encourage funding.
    • Provide an option for potential investors to ask questions through a comments page. 
    • Create an exclusive page that lists current investors, acknowledges their contributions, and encourages others to follow suit.
    • Integrate social media profiles with the project details page for others to contribute.

Put on your thinking cap to build solutions and features that you believe in!



This challenge presents a curated collection of datasets from global sources and asks to model solutions for the below key tasks that were developed and evaluated by a global frontline of healthcare providers, hospitals, suppliers, and policymakers.


Propose and build a solution that can help identify, predict and address pain points similar, but not limited to the sample ideas listed below:

  • Predict the following:
    • Populations that have the highest risk of contracting Covid-19.
    • Possible severity of illness in a particular patient/demographic.
  • Identify the following:
    • Incidence of Covid-19 infection among cancer patients.
    • How the implementation of strategies impacts rates of Covid-19 infection?

Innovate by adding creative and meaningful insights/features that could serve the society during this critical time.