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Description About Coding Ninjas Scholarship:

After receiving great participation and enthusiasm during the last three editions of the Coding Ninjas 100% Scholarship Test, here we are with its fourth edition.  

To ensure a smooth participation, this Scholarship Test will be held over a period of 2 days, 22nd and 23rd August, 2021 at 9 PM. So , if you are not able to appear for the test on 22nd, then you need not worry, because you can take the same on 23rd August at the same time.

Scholarship Details:

RankScholarship Percentage
Top 3 Rankers100% Scholarship
Rank 4-1075% Scholarship
After Rank 10
Top 5 %age50% Scholarship
5-10%40% Scholarship
11-15%35% Scholarship
16-20%30% Scholarship
21-40%25% Scholarship
41% – 50%20% Scholarship and
>50%10% Participation Scholarship
Note: If this scholarship percentage is over and above the applicable early bird discount


Not only that, but the best takeaway is that each participant will get a minimum scholarship of 10%. And this scholarship can be used over and above the weekly Early Bird discount that is applicable on our Batch starting from 30th August as well as on all September 2021 batches.

Mock Test :

Ahead of the scholarship, the students will be provided with an Industry-Recognised Training Certificate once they sign up for any of Coding Ninjas’ courses and complete the same in conclusion.

Because, Scholarship will be valid on our Batch starting from 30th August as well as on all September 2021 batches on the following courses:

  • Firstly,Data Structures & Algorithms – C++,Java,
  • Secondly, Development – Full-stack MERN,Full-stack Node.js,React.js  
  • Competitive Programming
  • Data Science & Machine Learning
  • Aptitude Preparation
  • System Design
  • Interview Preparation
  • Operating System and
  • Finally, with Kotlin 

Final Terms & Conditions:

  • The Scholarship test fee is Non – Refundable
  • The Scholarship is non-adjustable/transferrable and will be applicable on our Batch starting from 30th August as well as on all September 2021 batches.

Consequences Of Coding Ninjas Scholarship:

  • Use of unfair means during the test would result in disqualification for instance.
  • Coding Ninjas holds all the rights of decisions to provide scholarship according to the performance of participants.
  • So, already enrolled in any batch of September 2021 can register for the Scholarship .And can get the amount as a cashback once the Scholarship Test results are announced in conclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coding Ninjas Scholarship :

Q. Firstly, What is the eligibility criteria for Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test ?
  1. Data Structures & Algorithms – C++,java,Python
  2. Web Development – Full-stack MERN,Full-stack Node.js,React.js
  3. Competitive Programming
  4. Data Science & Machine Learning
  5. Aptitude Preparation
  6. System Design
  7. Interview Preparation
  8. Operating System and
  9. Android Development with Kotlin

So,any student willing to get enrolled in the batches that begin from 30th August or September 2021 for the following courses can take part in the Scholarship Test.

Q. Secondly,How much is the Registration Fee for Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test August 2021?

A. However, registration fee for the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test August 2021 is Rs. 99/-.

Q. Can I appear for the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test on 22nd as well as 23rd August?

A. No, because ou can appear for the test only on one of the dates, either on 22nd or on 23rd August. So, choice is yours.

Q. If I attempt the test on 22nd August and I am not able to complete the test due to a technical or any other reason, can I take it again on 23rd August?

A. No, once you begin the test, so cannot attempt it again.

More FAQS:

Q. When will the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test August 2021 results be announced?

A. The results will be announced on Wednesday 25th August, 2021.

Q. Will I need a Login and Password to attempt the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test August 2021?

A. No, your account will automatically be created with the email ID through which you will pay the registration fees. Make sure you use the same email ID as well to attempt the test.

Q. If I don’t attend the exam will I get my registration fees (INR 99) back?

A. For instance, no the registration fee (INR 99) is non-refundable in any case in conclusion.

Q. If I don’t qualify for the exam, I won’t get any scholarship?

A. To encourage students to participate in the test and to make sure that each student is entitled to a reward, we are offering a minimum scholarship of 10% to each student. So, Participating is more important than winning in conclusion.

For more:

Q. Will I have to wait for the scholarship amount to be credited to my wallet before purchasing the course?

A. Finally,No need to wait, you can purchase any course of batches that begin from 30th August or September 2021 and avail the early bird discount.After scholarship test, the amount will be remunerated as a cashback to you. In this manner, your timeline won’t be disturbed and you will get additional discounts also.

Q. How do you get a discount on Coding Ninjas?

A. So, enrolling in any course of Coding Ninjas, you can avail up to 30% discount. owever You can also take part in Coding Ninjas’ Scholarship Test, which will be held on 22nd and 23rd August at 9 PM, where you will get a minimum scholarship of 10%. So,You can use this scholarship over and above the existing discount to purchase any course. 

Q. Does Coding Ninjas provide financial aid?

A. Because, encourage, reward and financially assist worthy students, Coding Ninjas is organising a Scholarship Test on 22nd & 23rd August at 9 PM, in which students will get a minimum scholarship of 10%. Finally,The test will consist of Aptitude-Based MCQs.

Q. Is Coding Ninjas certificate useful?

A. Yes, Because Coding Ninjas provides its students with an industry-recognised training certificate, after they complete their course, which is recognised in many colleges and organisations.

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