Hack It Out

Hack It Out

Hack It Out

Hack It Out is a 48-hour hackathon organised by Computer Club, SGSITS.
Leading up to the hackathon, numerous sessions will give you a chance to expand your knowledge in various domains and the hackathon itself will be a perfect opportunity to put it to the test.

We aim to support and encourage beginner hackers at the start of their hacking journey. As a part of this hack, you will have an opportunity to solve real-world problems that help revitalize the virtual world!

Oct 15 – 17, 2021

₹ 300,000 in prizes403 participants

Hack It Out is a platform to learn and grow by connecting with like-minded enthusiasts, conceptualizing your ideas with learned individuals of industry, creating a product and innovating!

Hack It Out Themes

> Healthcare
Health is one of the biggest concerns worldwide, contributing to a healthier planet with your tech-armour. Create hacks which are backed by medical science and help people take better care of their well-being in this virtual world.

> Education
With the increased use of virtual platforms for education and learning these days, work upon ideas which will help students, mentors and learners increase the productivity of education by easing the processes of learning, mentoring and teaching.

> Lifestyle
Come up with ideas to make things easier for people going through these turbulent times, be it emotionally or professionally. Build hacks which help improve the daily life of people.

> Open Innovation
Have some other ideas? Go on with your own track even if it is not related to our primary tracks. Open Innovation has been included to widen the space for value creation and allow the scope to create projects with a good social impact.


Q. How to form a team on Devpost ?
A. If you already have selected the members of your team, then just get all of them registered on Devpost for. The team is then formed at the time of submission of your project.
Details of submission process will be shared during hackathon on Discord!


₹ 300,000 in prizes

 Overall Winning Team

– INR 15,000 Cash prize
– $750 DigitalOcean credits
– Sketch Licenses
– Axure Licenses
– Free Interviews on InterviewBuddy
– Swag Pack

 Overall Runners-up Team

– INR 10,000 Cash prize
– $500 DigitalOcean credits
– Free Interviews on InterviewBuddy
– Swag Pack

 Overall Second Runners-up Team

– INR 5,000 Cash prize
– $250 DigitalOcean credits
– Free Interviews on InterviewBuddy
– Swag Pack

 Best in each track (Healthcare, Education, Lifestyle, Open Innovation) (4)

– $125 DigitalOcean credits to winner of each track

 Best use of API

– Postman Swag Pack

 Free Hacker Swag (for all participants)

– 60-day free trial of DigitalOcean
– Free Access to Sketch Platform during event
– 95% Discount on InterviewBuddy

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