Once you enter into the field of programming you will come across this particular word called Hackathons.

A beginner usually gets confused when he hears this for the first time. So let’s see what a hackathon actually is and how to participate in it.

What is a Hackathon:-
A person usually miss judges the word hackathon as it contains the word hack in it and the word hack has so much negativity attached to it but hackathons are actually a way to hack into something. Hacking is basically creating something from the scratch.

So it is basically a team event where you walk around with your idea for two to three days. It varies in different events. Some last for a day while some go up to 3 days.

There are no such prerequisites for participating in a Hackathon. Anyone from who is a novice at coding to a beginner can participate in it.

How they are held:-
It is a team event ( max 4 people ) of 24-72 hours where the team pitches between them different ideas for apps website and products. After finalizing our ideas and presenting it to the panel of judges, a winning team is declared based on various parameters.

Hackathon Event

Why should we participate:-
1. It gives an opportunity to interact with new people and work with them.
2. Helps us to learn industry-level situations.
3. Most of the hackathons are free and nowadays in these covid times, they are held online as well.

Websites for Hackathons:-