How to Prepare for Hackathons

How to Prepare for Hackathons : Hackathons are great source of learning and meeting programming community. Hackathon is a workspace which gives programmers,students to develop something productive

hackathon helps in brainstorming improves approach on finding solution for the problem

hackathons have general duration of mostly 24hrs, 36 hrs or 48hrs

Types of Hackathons:

  • Open hackathons Hackathons conducted by organisation to promote programming and development.Open Hackathons are great for learning. you can choose any technology to solve the problem given
  • Closed hackathons – Hackathons organised by companies to find solutions to problems they are facing

Here in this article are steps to prepare for hackathon and strategies to nail them

Read the rules and pay attention to instructions : For How to Prepare for Hackathons

Different hackathons have different goals. Try to find out what is the goal of the event you’re going. you won’t win if you don’t use it. Every hackathon have rules which are to be followed

1.Idea development –

Getting a great idea is always the first thing you should work on

to win a hackathon your idea should be unique and should address real life

issues in your day-by-day life can lend you a great idea.

Idea development involves thinking on what could be the possible solution and not only possible but efficient and feasible too

you need to develop an application you may use any technology such as Android, flutter, iOS web development etc

Like it may be a portal for people where they can find resources like hospital nearby availability, ambulance etc,

It should address the problem and one of key points is ,

It should be easy to implement on a larger scale means practically possible to implement

In most hackathons participation is with team but individual too have a chance

doing research analysing real life problems faced by people finding best solution possible are the key for selection

2. Getting a proper team –

The second important thing is finding your right team, because your team me lead you to success or failure. Try making your team with people having same grudge for developing a solution.

If you don’t find such great team don’t be disappointed you boost their confidence motivate them

share them what you know and encourage them to learn contribute as much, they can

because there are many cases where team was not the favourites or competent

but the motivation to win the competition and encouragement, collective coordination, team efforts made them the winner

3.Prototype development

Now you have a great and unique idea, have a  great team what’s next?

Now you have to think the best possible algorithms and programming skills to develop your prototype

with the best possible language and services/software’s already present because you need to develop it in the give time duration, right?

there are chances that tools you are using is already devloped be smart and use them.

Model refinement is crucial here to preprepare for hackathon

test the prototype devloped show to your mentors, guides or discuss in team /consult

4. Presentation of idea to the judges

Think of how this can be the best and solve real life problemsand also about possible questions like efficiency of designed product etc. This is the time to showcase your product.

Try some psychological facts to convince the judges that your product/innovation is great. Learn watching videos of great presenting idols, the way they speak, the way they deliver their speeches etc these are some good prepration strategies for hackathon prepration

winning is not important, the innovation created is precious.

If you loose it gives you great experience because you have thought an idea improved it ,applied technologies

you know integration of technologies and idea refinement helps in understanding problem better

what is the best solution or how can a prototype be developed

it enhances learning ability understanding ability problem solving approach, application development in sort span and much more

There’s always a first time, enjoy your experience by taking the other programmer’s discussing about what they built

because the motive of hackathons are learning and meeting the programming community.

Note – sometimes you need to send the idea in ppt or video format inscribed in ppt

which would be initial or subsequent filtration round ,

the main point to remember is how the ppt is it should be clear and well made in points.

The idea & technology application of your prototype must be clear to understand while preparing video

write once or practice what you are presenting if you have mentors or guides giving you direction show them and verify

These are the approaches and points one can keep in mind while participating in hackathon to select as finalist . This information will surely help you to get How to prepare for Hackathons.