HTTP methods and its definition in websites ?

HTTP methods
HTTP methods

HTTP protocol

HTTP protocol is the web based transfer protocol used to transfer “Hyper Text” through online. To access the some web resource we use various HTTP methods.

There are some methods like: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, HEAD, CONNECT, OPTIONS, TRACE. There modern methods mostly used in HTTP/1.1.

GET http protocol

GET is one the protocols which tries to retrieve the details from the server to client. Moreover this method used mostly for static resource. As a result, its used for just displaying the details.


The HTTP method POST used to post/ give any details to websites. Firstly, its used mainly for filling the forms of site. Its different from other method, Since this method helps to enter the details to web for the first time.


Its important method, since mostly today’s web uses it widely. This method helps to update the details which entered earlier using POST method. Its idempotent, because it wouldn’t create any new memory space.


PATCH sounds almost similar with PUT method, but it has a major difference which is PATCH is used for updating any particular elements of forms like name, phone number only. Unlike PUT which tries to update the entire forms.


Its last functionality of CRUD method which is none other than DELETE protocol. If any forms or information created needs to delete or remove, we can use DELETE method.


This method is used to establish a secure tunnel between the clients and a specific server. This tries to make a transaction safe and secure.


HTTPS protocol are more like a HTTP protocol with security. Using this protocol the information shared between server and client is secured and not vulnerable to hacker or Third party.

This protocol used for website which deals with sensitive information like phone number, credit card, back details and some other. By using this all details will shared in encrypted form.

HTTP protocol can be converted into HTTPS protocol by getting certifications like SSL, TSL. Google and some other trust worthy sites gives this certificates to other websites.

SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer” and TSL stands for “Transfer Socket Layer” . Firstly, this tries to connect with user and after receiving the certifications details the client and server will commences their work securely.