Ideas developed in Hackathon

Ideas presented
Ideas presented

If you are new to the idea or concept hackathons, you may not know where to start given that there are so many hackathon ideas to choose from. Having said that, organizing a hackathon is an interesting adventure with several fun-filled challenges along the way. But first, you need to understand, what is a hackathon.

1. Water disinfection container cover plate

Category – Versatility

Hackathon – NITI Aayog Pune Smart City Hackathon

Geography – India

Theme – Public Health

Team name –  Anashwar Tech

About – This idea solves a real-world problem – access to safe drinking water. We loved how this simple hack uses a cover plate, purifying water in the container that it covers and cleans itself at the same time! This fully working prototype uses digital purification from UV-C light to purify both the water and the container at the click of a button.


Category – Beginner Hack

Hackathon – Talent Hackathon – Centro Fox

Geography – Mexico

Team name –  hectorjafeth_1be2

About – A service aimed at sectors such as the paper industry, textile industry, and farming, BENTOXX implements a nanocomposite that removes and collects contaminating particles with Arduino-based electronics and microcontrollers. We really liked how the system can be used to monitor pH, turbidity, and temperature of water to build sustainable industrial processes.

3. Mellowain: Queue problem in retail store

Category – Consumer ease

Hackathon – P&G Click Predict Innovate

Geography – India

Team name –  Mellowain

About – Remember the long checkout queues after you shop? What if there was no checkout anymore? What if you could just pick the items from the aisle, drop them into your cart and leave? Using motion capture and data augmentation, Mellowain detects the item, validates, and bills via the connected payment method.

4. Hypersign – A cryptographic single sign-on solution

Category – Security

Hackathon – Unisys Hackathon

Geography – India

Team name –  Hypersign


Hypersign is a cryptography-based idea SingleSignOn Solution that enables users to securely access applications without providing their access credentials. What caught our attention is this hacks ability to bring together cryptographic algorithms and equations in a mobile application thus totally eliminating the need for usernames and passwords. The Application further enables a user to securely sign transactions in decentralized environments; the Hyprsign SDK allows easy authentication to the Blockchain.

5. Rosie: Undermining Language Detector

Category –Women Empowerment

Hackathon – International Women’s hackathon – 2018

Geography – Global

Team name – Raikes Girls

About – This idea is a Chrome extension that detects undermining language and suggests more confident phrasing to help people represent themselves as the professionals they are. Named after Rosie the Riveter, an American symbol for female empowerment in the workplace, this is a great tool that can help women write confidently and have great business conversations. Check out their website here.

6. Aloud — granting seamless verbal narration of physical text materials.

Category – Social Good

Hackathon – DeltaHacks IV

Geography – Canada

Team name –  Aloud

About – 90% of the visually impaired have a partial visual impairment. Depending on the severity and cause, this leaves a wide range of ways to read, rather than Braille or waiting for the release of the audiobook. Aloud is a voice recognition tool that uses Amazon Alexa and StdLib to let users translate physical text material by taking a picture of the text.

7. Efficient vertical axis water turbine

Category – Scalability

Hackathon – Blue Planet hackathon

Geography – Global

Team name – The Fraternity

About – This new age water turbine hack helps generate electricity without the conventional dam model. The flexible design can be used for both small and large scale energy production by trapping energy from the surface of the water, irrespective of the flow of the water stream.

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