AWS web interface

which is the trending cloud soucrces in low cost and also the oldest cloud resource company

AWS web interface serves over a million active guests in further than 240 countries and homes. As our guests grow their businesses, AWS will continue to give a structure that meets their global conditions.

The AWS web interface Cloud structure around AWS Regions and Zones. An AWS Region is a physical position in the world where we’ve multiple Vacuity Zones.

vacuity zones to one are the separate data centers with spare power networking .

it was housed in seperate installation in which it performs product operation data base fault tolerance and scalable

Aws connection in the world we will having regions and availability zones

AWS REGIONS:- an aws region can controlled by the person in which for the data replication also communication between regions

Availability zones:- there are 69 availability zones in the world and also these having discrete data center.

AWS datacenters:- it designed for the security in these data can be residing,processing can be done

A data center can be it can has 50,000 to 80,000 servers .

these store data for many operation like data manipulating etc..

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