Jack The Hack Hackathon

Jack The Hack Hackathon

Jack The Hack Hackathon

Jack The Hack Hackathon Is your tech whack the best hack out there? Will you hold your ground against Terror 404 and resize the Helvetica out of Bugs that Byte? If yes, then we have the coolest hackathon in town waiting for you to help transform the legacy of a $100 billion enterprise.

STARTS ON:SEP 17, 2021 06:00 PM IST

CLOSES ON:SEP 29, 2021 11:55 PM IST

Hackathon Format:

Round 1: Online Prototype Round – 17th Sep to 29th Sep 2021

In Round 1, you need to build and submit your prototypes or MVPs online, on the HackerEarth platform, based on the themes given in the theme section.

Round 2: Onsite Hackathon – 9th and 10th October 2021

In Round 2, the shortlisted teams from round 1 will be invited to the Adani house, Gurugram, Haryana to take part in an onsite hackathon. The shortlisted teams will be assigned mentors from Adani to guide them. Travel allowance will be sponsored by Adani based on location of the shortlisted candidates.

Jack The Hack Hackathon THEMES


 Customer digital journey:

  1. Customer onboarding experience
    • Innovative
    • Digital
    • Creative
    • Contactless, adhering to the new norms
  2. Partners onboarding on airport ecosystem- Online platforms
    • Existing
    • New Partners
  3. Revenue generation models
  4. Digital one identity with seamless customer experience and marketplace offerings across all the airports.
  5. Open innovation for digital airport


Consumer digital journey:

  1. Customer onboarding on the application followed by:
    • Loyalty
    • Retention
    • Engagement with existing user
  2. Promotions of products
    • Innovative Ideas on Promotion cart experience
    • Existing Users
    • Prospective users
    • Cross Sell or upsell
    • Low cost acquisition (post download app)
  3. Logistics
    • Route Optimization
    • Create better experience for delivery
    • Route Promotions

Note: All submission formats are allowed eg: applications, dashboards, case studies, strategic planning reports, tools, business models, recommendation engines, etc.


Main Prizes

 Winner (2)INR 1,00,000

1 winning team from each theme will win prizes worth INR 1,00,000.

 Runner Up (2)INR 70,000

1 runner up team from each theme will win prizes worth INR 70,000.

 2nd Runner Up (2)INR 30,000

1 2nd runner up team from each theme will win prizes worth INR 30,000.


Your Prototype submission will be judged on the following criteria:

1. Creative and Innovative idea

2. Feasibility & Viability

3. Digital approach

4. Value and Relevance

5. Solution readiness

6. Scope for Innovative revenue generation models


  • This is a team participation hackathon. You can have at most 3 members in your team.
  • You can either invite your friends to form a team or you can request other teams to add you as a member.
  • The online hackathon will start at Sep 17, 2021 06:00 PM IST and end at Sep 29, 2021 11:55 PM IST, you work on your hack during the allotted time only.
  • Shortlisted teams from the online prototype round will be invited to an onsite hackathon on the Adani premises for the onsite phase.
  • It’s an online hackathon, you can participate from anywhere.
  • There are 2 themes of the hackathon, you must submit a hack that is in one of these themes.
  • Once the hackathon starts, you will get an option to submit your hack, you can submit as many times as you want, the last hack will be considered as the final submission.
  • You are expected to come up with new and innovative ideas, any idea that has been copied from somewhere will be disqualified.
  • Your hack must be developed entirely during the Hackathon duration. You may use open source libraries and other freely available systems / services such as Google Maps, Facebook Connect, Twitter feeds etc.
  • The IP rights of your prototype belong with Adani Digital Labs.
  • By participating in the hackathon, you agree to the terms and conditions of HackerEarth.

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