Prof. G.S. Ramaswamy Summer Internship 2021 at CSIR-SERC

Prof. G.S. Ramaswamy Summer Internship 2021 at CSIR-SERC


• Elite national laboratory under CSIR
• A centre of excellence for structural engineering
• Opportunity to interact with the scientists
• Access to state-of-the-art facilities
• A certificate on successful completion


• Third year B.E./B.Tech. (third/fourth year in the
case of dual degree) civil and mechanical
engineering students from IITs/NITs/BITS and
toppers from government colleges having CGPA
of 8.0 or 75 % marks and above

Job TitleSummer Internship at CSIR SERC 2021
DescriptionPeriod: May – June 2021, Duration: 6-8 ,weeksNo. of internships to be awarded: 10
Estimated salaryPer month – 5000 (INR)
Work LocationChennai – India
Employment TypeINTERN


  1. The selection of students made by CSIR‐SERC for internship is provisional, subject
    to fulfilling the requirements and governed by the rules and regulations of CSIR‐
    SERC, and can avail themselves of the internship for the period as specified in our
    permission letter.
  2. The internship duration is limited to minimum of six weeks and maximum
    of two months without break from the date of joining.
  3. The students should record all the details of experimental works / tasks in a well
    maintained Register with regular scrutiny by the CSIR-SERC guide.
  4. During the internship period, students are required to be at CSIR‐SERC premises
    on all working days from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm. The parent institution must provide
    prior information to CSIR‐SERC if the student needs to attend his / her college for
    any programmes / functions / allied curricular / co‐curricular activities falling within
    the internship period allotted by CSIR‐SERC to the student. (This pre‐empts
    unauthorized absence of the student from either place.)
  5. Students can avail leave of absence, however, under genuine circumstances with
    prior permission from the CSIR-SERC guide with due endorsement from the Head
    of concerned Department / Section / Team of CSIR‐SERC. The related intimation
    should be sent by student to concerned authority at their College/University.
  6. A consolidate stipend of Rs. 15000/- (Rupees Fifteen Thousand only) per
    month on pro-rata basis during the internship period will be provided by
    CSIR-SERC. Limited accommodation is available within the CSIR campus
    and would be allotted on first-come, first-serve basis but the charges as
    applicable should be borne separately by the students.
  7. Within the CSIR‐SERC premises and during working hours, the students should
    display CSIR‐ SERC identity badge and also carry the college identity card.
  8. Library facility at CSIR‐SERC is limited to referencing only. Borrowing of books and
    journals are not extended to the students. However, photocopies of research
    literature from journals may be obtained from the Library on payment of necessary
    charges. No photocopy of books is permitted.
  9. If any loss or damage is done by the students to the CSIR‐SERC property, the
    student / college should undertake to shoulder the entire responsibility of paying
    for the costs of damage.
  10. Experimental work is to be carried out only during working hours. In the event of
    experimental work undertaken after working hours, the students should necessarily
    be supervised by their CSIR-SERC guide / any other authorized regular staff of
    CSIR‐SERC. Students are required to exercise utmost care and alertness while conducting lab experiments with the equipment / infrastructure / machines etc.
  11. CSIR‐SERC is not to be held responsible for any injury / loss / damage that may
  12. occur to the students due to their carelessness or other-wise, during the tenure of their internship.
  13. Without proper advance intimation from the student, routed through the College /
    University authority, no student will be permitted to quit from the internship at
    CSIR‐SERC. Violations in this regard will be considered as a serious matter of
    indiscipline and may lead to black‐listing of their College / Institution for future
    allotment of internship to their respective students.
  14. Similarly, if the progress is not satisfactory, the concerned students may be advised
    by CSIR‐SERC to discontinue the internship.
  15. The internship report should be prepared and submitted within the specified period.
    The acknowledgements recorded in the report must be factual.
  16. The internship report should categorically reflect that, the work / task was carried
    out at CSIR‐SERC and prominently acknowledge the name of the CSIR‐SERC
    Scientist who has guided.
  17. CSIR‐SERC / CSIR retains all Intellectual Property Rights that may be generated
    during the course of internship. However, depending upon the quantum and
    quality of contributions to the outcome from the internship, the student may be
    given due credit in publications etc. In the event of any dispute rising, the decision
    of Director, CSIR‐SERC is final and is binding on the student(s) and
  18. Any unauthorized presentation / publication of results of the work
    carried out as part of internship (during and after), with / without the
    CSIR-SERC guide’s name as co‐author, independently by the student,
    without any explicit permission / approval from Director, CSIR‐SERC will
    not be acceptable under any circumstances. Violations in this regard will
    be considered as a serious matter of indiscipline and may lead to black‐
    listing of the College / Institution for future allotment of student
  19. No faculty of the student’s college has any right to publish any paper for
    conferences / journals / workshops / seminars, based on the work
    carried out in CSIR-SERC. There have been some instances of misuse of
    the contents of work carried out in CSIR-SERC to get undue technical
    advantage of authorship, without any legal / ethical / moral entitlements
    of their own scientific / technical contributions for the project. This is
    strictly un-acceptable to CSIR-SERC. Any violations in this regard will
    enable CSIR-SERC to black list their respective Institutions / Colleges.

For getting the Internship Completion Certificate, the students should surrender
their ID cards issued by CSIR‐SERC to the issuing authority / Head, Skill & Human
Resource Development (SHRD) Division, CSIR‐SERC.

  1. Students are expected to be courteous and disciplined and adhere to the Rules and
    Regulations of CSIR-SERC. Any failure will lead to immediate termination of the
    project with intimation to Parents/Institute.

Submission of Applications:

• Online through by 15 March 2021

Stipend: ₹- 5000 per month (Limited accommodation available in the campus on first come, first serve basis.)

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